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Bilateral deal-making involving governments of Asia and the Pacific region.

US-led Indo-Pacific deal on supply chain resilience takes effect
The IPEF supply chain agreement has recently come into effect, aiming to enhance economic collaboration among member countries. The agreement focuses on strengthening supply chain resilience, identifying key sectors, and establishing an emergency communications channel to address disruptions.
IPEF supply chain deal to take effect Feb. 24
The US Commerce Department said Wednesday that an Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity agreement on supply chains will come into effect Feb. 24.
Commerce chief signs HK-Asean FTA protocol
This will enable Hong Kong businesses to more easily and effectively gain Hong Kong-originating status for more of their products, providing them with preferential tariff treatment when expanding into the growing Asean market.
India to sign clean, fair economy deal under Indo-Pacific economic framework
India is expected to sign a much-awaited deal on two more pillars of the US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework—clean economy and fair economy—early next year.
Daya Laxmi: “Free Trade Agreements affect and victimize peasant groups”
Women from all around the world organize the struggle against capitalism and neoliberalism. In the South Asia region, these forces—in the form of free trade agreements (FTA)—play a huge role in the impoverishment of peasants and women in rural and urban areas.
Indo-Pacific Economic Framework chats expected to continue in 2024
The chief ag negotiator in the Office of the US Trade Representative says discussions on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework are expected to resume in the New Year.
US, Indo-Pacific partners need to ’recalibrate’ trade talks -USTR’s Bianchi
Some countries, including Vietnam and Indonesia, rejected US demands for labor rights standards to be enforced through a dispute settlement system similar to that in the US-Canada-Mexico agreement on trade.
IPEF progress boosts diversified investment, supply chains and economic distribution
During the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Ministerial Meeting (IPEF-MM) on Nov. 14, all IPEF member countries agreed to announce the substantive completion of Pillars III (Clean Economy) and IV (Fair Economy). Pillar II (Supply Chains) had already been completed at the Second Ministerial Level Meeting in Detroit, the United States.
US commerce secretary says closed three ’pillars’ of Indo-Pacific talks
IPEF member countries have agreed on terms of the clean energy pillar and on the anti-corruption chapter.
No trade deal struck at US-led Indo-Pacific economic meeting
The United States and other Indo-Pacific countries participating in its economic initiative were unable to strike a substantial trade deal during ministerial talks.


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