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Colombian students oppose FTA

Colombian Students Oppose FTA

Bogota, Feb 28 2006 (Prensa Latina) Students of Colombia’s Teachers College protested on Tuesday against what they described as a free trade agreement with the US that goes against national interests.

In the students" opinion, under this agreement, the Colombian economy will be subordinate to the US economy for the next 40 years, and poverty, unemployment and lack of access to generic drugs will increase.

One of the hundreds of masked protesters said the FTA constitutes a violation of equal rights and opportunities which should be enjoyed by all Colombians.

In Colombia, the economy is only for the rich, for business people, he denounced, and he urged all the people to take to the streets to express their rejection of FTA negotiations and of its eventual signing in three months.

This was the first public protest against the agreement in Colombia after talks were completed early Monday in Washington between negotiators from both parties involved.

The latest surveys show that 70 percent of Colombians oppose a free trade treaty with the US. They have filed a class action suit against its signing and called for a popular consultation to determine its fate.

 source: Prensa Latina