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Costa Rica, free trade fewer jobs

Prensa Latina, Cuba

Costa Rica, Free Trade Fewer Jobs

26 June 2007

San Jose, June 26 (Prensa Latina) Costa Rica’s PAC party (Citizen Action) president Otton Solis has warned of the potential increase in unemployment if CAFTA-DR, the free trade treaty with the United States, is approved.

Solis stressed that the treaty is an "unemployment factory" and proof of that is the wall the United States is building along its border with Mexico, a nation that has had 11 years of such a treaty (NAFTA) with Washington.

From Nicaragua and north, all the countries that signed the treaty have received only one answer from their northern neighbor and that is not to free up migratory regulations, but to build a wall because it knows what is coming.

The PAC leader also criticized the government for deceit in creating fear in the Costa Rican people to push in favor of the agreement.

Solis said it was necessary to explain to his compatriots how CAFTA-DR will generate more poverty and lack of telecommunication services in the country, as it did with Mexico.

PAC members form part of the Costa Rican Patriotic Movement that is boosting a campaign of "NO" in the October referendum.