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Cuba calls regional FTA meeting

Cuba Calls Regional FTA Meeting

Havana, Feb 27 2007 (Prensa Latina) — The Continental Social Alliance and its Cuban Chapter convened on Tuesday the 6th Hemispheric Meeting of struggle against Free Trade Accords (FTA) and for people s integration in this capital.

The call to this event, slated for May 3-5, was aimed to representatives of social, political, indigenous, union, rural, student, religious and human rights organizations.

The call is applicable to anti-war movements, creators, communicators, parliamentarians, artists and academics, and continental men and women from of all races and peoples.

The aim of the meeting is to tackle negative practices in so-called free trade, in addition to issues related to foreign debt, militarization and the World Trade Organization.

Other aims include efforts for Latin American countries integration, as part of alternatives against the neoliberal model imposed by the current capitalist system.

Previous hemispheric meetings held in Havana have contributed to social mobilization against the US policy, the organizing commission stated.

 Fuente: Prensa Latina