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Dominican Republic, Grand Caribbean headed for free trade

Dominican Today | May, 14 2007

Dominican Republic, Grand Caribbean headed for free trade

BELIZE. — The Central American Integration System’s (SICA) 22 member countries and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) met in the 2nd Summit of Government and Heads of State last Saturday in this city announced the start of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement between those two blocs as a first step to continue advancing towards an association pact.

In this gathering the chief executives reaffirmed the firm commitment and adherence to democratic principles and values, peace, freedom, respect for human rights, development, cooperation between states, dialogue and the peaceful solution of controversies.

Dominican Foreign minister Carlos Morales, who participated in representation of president Leonel Fernandez, said the summit was held in an atmosphere of frank and fraternal dialogue. "This without a doubt is an indication that the long awaited integration and regional cooperation of the Grand Caribbean is taking a forward impulse for the benefit of sustainable economic growth and development of its nations."

In their joint declaration the chief executives said the SICA-CARICOM’s action plan, signed by the Secretary Generals of both regional integration systems last February, is the instrument to promote actions and proposals oriented to comply with the objectives of strengthened relations between both blocs.

 source: Dominican Today