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Eight reasons why we say NO to Chile-EU Free Trade Agreement

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Chile Mejor Sin TLC | November 2023

Eight reasons why we say NO to Chile-EU Free Trade Agreement

1. Chile could be engaged in Military Operations

Chilean military personnel may be sent to fight, threatening our neutrality and risking repercussions for aligning with the European Union.

2. Secret Negotiation

Sebastián Piñera negotiated the treaty during a riot. Gabriel Boric did not conduct the indigenous consultation and signed it, listening to mining and energy corporations, agribusiness, and banks, while disregarding public opposition. In Chile the treaty with the European Union has been published only in English !

3. Chile is treated as a Colony

The European Union will prohibit royalties on strategic goods like lithium, control its price in Chile’s business with other countries, and have privileged access to national energy and infrastructure. The socio-environmental cost of being providers of fuel and lithium for European electric cars

4. More Sacrifice Zones and Less Food

Lithium mining is water-intensive and encroaches on indigenous territory. Massive export of "Green" Hydrogen requires processes for which there are no standards. The vast loss of agricultural land invaded by mega wind or solar farms will reduce food production. Chile won’t be allowed to support small and medium-sized agriculture, but the European Union will maintain subsidies for its farmers.

5. Operates Under Unequal Conditions and Opportunities
It is absurd to consider Chile equal to the European Union in terms of industrialization, education, or access to economic and social rights, as the treaty does. In 2022, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the EU reached €13,360,337 million. In Chile, it was €285,355 million. Workers’ rights violations will only deepen with a treaty that leaves us frozen in the current situation.

6. Chile would be forced to finance a Foreign Private Court –

Chile must include in its annual budget the high cost of a Permanent Dispute Resolution System to handle demands related to reforms in pensions, health, environment, or others affecting European investors’ profits.

7. More Dependence. Public Market as a gift to the EU

It violates sovereignty : it prohibits conditioning an investment on technology transfer or ensuring national executives in joint ventures. It will increase drug prices, strengthening pharmaceutical monopolies. Powerful European companies will unfairly compete with Chilean SMEs in public procurement tenders, having access to all our financial information.

8. Risks Due to Climate Crisis and Human Rights

There are no guarantees of respect for human rights and the environment. This "Agreement" was negotiated by the Piñera government, internationally accused of systematic human rights and environmental violations, and was signed by President Boric, who previously opposed such treaties. If the Congress approves it, the political class’s discredit will increase. Life is worth more than business ! Young people don’t want more of the same or to be servants of the global North.


Call on deputies and senators to reject the neo-colonial treaty !

 source: Chile Mejor Sin TLC