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EU trade treaty respects 200-mile maritime border

Andina | 2 March 2010

EU Trade Treaty respects 200-mile maritime border

Lima, Mar. 02 (ANDINA).— Peru successfully negotiated the safeguarding of national interests and respect for the Peruvian 200-mile maritime border during the IX Round of Negotiations of the Free Trade Treaty (TLC) with the European Union (EU).

So affirmed the minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Martin Perez, following talks held last week in Brussels, Belgium.

"There have been very good negotiations on this matter and Peru has managed to safeguard all the interests of the country with respect to the 200 maritime miles. In addition we have obtained better conditions than the present ones in fishing matters,” the official commented to Andina.

Although the round was going to extend to this Friday, the process of negotiations was frustrated and ended up finalising Sunday 28 February.

That delay was produced when the EU presented a proposal on fishing products that does not favour the attraction of new investments for this sector domestically, reported.

Late Sunday, the parties were able to draft an ‘intelligent text’ that unites the interests of both parties, Perez indicated.

That is, the technicians managed to define the characteristics that vessels targeting fishing resources must have to deem them indigenous and reap benefits from the TLC.

The subject regarding the Table of Access to Markets was one of most difficult of the talks.

Finally, the governments of Peru and Colombia – its Andean peer that simultaneously negotiated its own TLC with the EU – will now negotiate the texts of some clauses that are common to both countries, he clarified.

"There remain some pending bilateral matters with Colombia and some clauses that still have to be fine-tuned, and we hope that this concludes soon,” Perez added.

 source: Andina