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FTA between Pakistan and South Africa to boost trade urged

Associated Press of Pakistan

FTA between Pakistan and South Africa to boost trade urged

ISLAMABAD, Aug 22 2007 (APP) : A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Pakistan and South Africa is necessary to boost trade and investments between the two countries. This was stated by President Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) Dr. Hassan Saroosh Akram while talking to trade delegation from South Africa here today.

He said that Pakistan has becomes a very important destination for the foreign investment due to its investment friendly policies , as most of the investor desired to invest the different sector in Pakistan.

He invited South Africa’s investor to come forward, take benefit from the conducive investment climate and invest in the Pakistan.

South Africa’s trade delegation leader William Wane C speaking on the occasion said that unemployment is a big problem in the both countries, its need steps to check this issue.

He said that “I am very impressed from the current development in the every sector of Pakistan”.

He said that Pakistan has attracted huge foreign investment which reflect the strong economy of the country.

He said that main purpose of his visit was to meet the Pakistani businessmen and explore new avenues for trade and investment.

South African’s Head of the Mission Qasim peer said that relations especially in trade between the both countries are strengthening day by day.

 source: APP