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Between sovereignty and corporate interests: what is at stake in the Ecuadorian referendum?
On 21 April 2024, the government of Daniel Noboa is holding a referendum in Ecuador to amend the country’s constitution and, in particular, to reactivate the dangerous investor-state dispute settlement mechanism.
After 30 Years of NAFTA, the Working Classes Are Still Losing
Thirty years after NAFTA came into effect in 1994, the economic data suggests a somber conclusion: The three countries’ working classes are worse off today than they were before
Swiss trade deal: Is India changing its tune on pharma patents?
Intellectual property protection for the Swiss pharmaceutical industry has been a key sticking point in negotiations on a free trade agreement with India. Now there seems to be a breakthrough in talks after 16 years. What’s changed?
Cars v cows: German automakers call to split EU-Mercosur deal to bypass French ‘non’
The EU-Mercosur trade agreement should be split into two distinctive parts to circumvent French resistance based on agricultural issues, the German car industry has proposed, in a bid to boost export markets other than China.
EU urged to conclude Mercosur trade talks amid environmental concerns
A total of 23 trade bodies have called for the swift approval of the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement, which will make it easier to export EU agri-food products including key dairy commodities to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and vice versa.
Africa Collective in partnership with the AfCFTA secretariat to convene key African & global decision makers in Davos during annual luncheon
Following a successful inaugural Luncheon in 2023, Africa Collective in partnership with the AfCFTA Secretariat will once again be organizing its annual Closing & Outlook Luncheon in Davos on 18 January 2024 from 12:30 noon to 2:30 pm, during the time of the World Economic Forum.
Free-trade, investment ‘gateway to the EU’
Australian companies looking for a foothold in both the United Kingdom and European Union markets could take a close look at Northern Ireland, which has unfettered tariff-free access to both.
Most red meat exports go into free trade agreement countries
Almost all Australia’s red meat exports are being realised into countries the nation had free trade agreements with, producers were told.
Fonterra’s profit more than doubles on demand for dairy ingredients, shares rise
Increases in prices at recent global dairy trade auctions, the reemergence of Chinese buyers and the upgrade of the China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement indicated demand for New Zealand milk powders might pick up.
EU industry calls for a swift ratification of the agreement with Mercosur
Cosmetics Europe, Cefic and a coalition of 17 other business associations representing different European industrial sectors call for a swift ratification of the EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement.
Tech giants play too big a role in US Indo-Pacific trade talks, critics say
Technology giants are drawing protests as they aggressively try to shape a new US trade deal with Australia, South Korea and other members of the Indo-Pacific region that account for 40% of global economic output.
SEZ is a catalyst for accelerating Africa’s industrialisation agenda – speakers
Speakers at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Industry (UNCTAD) workshop have indicated that Special Economic Zones (SEZ) are crucial for pushing Africa’s industrialisation agenda in the context of the AfCFTA.
Google, Amazon lobbyists helped US shape new Indo-Pacific Trade Framework
US trade officials have solicited the advice of lobbyists for Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and other major technology companies to help craft the new Indo-Pacific trade framework.
Corporations dominate trade advisory panels
Trade advisers get special access to agreements and can comment on them before they are made public. More than 4 out of 5 advisers represent corporations.
Big Tech lobbyists explain how they took over Washington
An amazing research paper unearths how the tech industry invented the concept of digital trade and sold it to government officials.
EU’s green regulations drive ’reasonable’ demand amid global decarbonization: German biz lobby chief
The CEO of the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also called for Seoul and Brussels to launch the renegotiation process for the Korea-EU free trade agreement to reflect changes in green regulations.
Coffee growers of El Salvador favor FTA with China
The coffee sector in El Salvador has very favorable expectations about a Free Trade Agreement in denial with the People’s Republic of China, sources from the sector said.
US farm, food groups urge Congress to pass authority for new trade deals
More than 50 US agriculture and food groups urged Congress to approve new legislation enabling the United States to negotiate more free-trade agreements.
IPEF is only to save US corporations from crisis while continue to eliminate people’s rights
Indonesian Civil Society held a protest today in front of the US Embassy in Jakarta to express its rejection of the IPEF. In the midst of the global economic crisis, the US is trying to rebuild its national industrialisation with a less open free trade agreement and push for policy harmonisation based on US standards.
Position paper – EU-India trade negotiations
ACEA welcomes the relaunch of negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) with India. Likewise, the opening of negotiations for an investment protection agreement is a positive step towards the EU’s objective of strengthening its relationship with India.