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Guyanese President weighs in on EPA agreement

Radio Jamaica | Thursday, 10 January 2008

Guyanese President weighs in on EPA agreement

President Bharat Jagdeo of Guyana has accused his regional colleagues of not telling the people of the Caribbean the whole truth about the recently signed trade deal with Europe.

President Jagdeo has confessed that the economic partnership agreement is a bad deal and the region has little to gain from it.

However he said the Caribbean had no choice but to sign.

"I think it is time we come clean with our people in Guyana and across the region that this was the best we could have gotten out of a bad situation. I resent that characterization that we won from these negotiations, we didn’t win anything," he said.

"What you have in this situation is people who are unwilling to say frankly that we lost out in the negotiations with the Europeans on the EPA not because of our inability to negotiate but because all along they had a plan to dismantle the preferences," he continued.

 source: Radio Jamaica