Japan gets lift from Indonesian nurses


Japan gets lift from Indonesian nurses

9 August 2008

TOKYO, Aug. 9 (UPI) — About 200 Indonesian care-givers and nurses have arrived in Japan to take part in the two nations’ economic partnership agreement, officials said.

It’s the first time Japan has allowed a large number of foreigners to work in hospitals and nursing homes, the Japan Times says. Care facilities are suffering from an acute labor shortage worsened by a rapidly aging population, the report said.

The new agreement went into effect July 1 and Japan plans to make similar arrangements with its other regional neighbors, including the Philippines, the Times said.

The Indonesians include 104 nurses and 101 care-givers, with women accounting for some 60 percent of the group. They face six months of language training with work starting at about 100 institutions in January or February.