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Peru unions strike US trade deal

Prensa Latina, Cuba

Peru Unions Strike US Trade Deal

11 July 2007

Lima, Jul 11 (Prensa Latina) The Peruvian National Federation of Mining and Metallurgical Workers announced that they will adhere to the general strike of state teachers demanding salaries and against the Free Trade Treaty (FTT) with the United States.

Union officials demanded the suspension of this form of commercial ties with the United States since it was approved by the Congress of the Republic without sufficient debate and behind the population’s back.

The Peruvian General Confederation of Workers also plans a protest to demand the reinstatement of laid off workers and assignation of funds to conclude public works.

Work stoppage in this South American nation began last Thursday with daily demonstrations in Lima and other cities of the country.

Demands include an integral and concerted agrarian development in defense of water, forests, air and progress of coca producing regions.

The government officially released a decree authorizing intervention of the Armed Forces to guarantee order and functioning of basic services.

The government also announced that for the following 30 days there will be neither suspension nor affectations of basic rights granted by the Constitution and international treaties on human rights.