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Prez Uribe recognizes FTA admission problems

Prensa Latina, Cuba

Prez Uribe Recognizes FTA Admission Problems

6 May 2007

Bogota, May 6 (Prensa Latina) — Colombian President Alvaro Uribe admitted he has found resistance among US politicians to the approval of a Free Trade Agreement with its country.

President Uribe recently arrived from the United States, to where he travelled to promote an activation of the approval of the FTA by Washington, and he recognized this weekend that "there is a very strong tendency in United States that is not easy to overcome."

Uribe said that in US, he had the opportunity to explain that hiss policy of democratic security "guarantees human rights of all the citizens equally."

Nevertheless, he recognized that in Colombia still lack to advance as regards security and of human rights, but he requested the world "to take note" of what he considered like his government’s advances in both sides.

His meetings with US Democrat Party members, especially US Chamber of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi did not have the result he expected, since Democrats are reluctant to the approval of the FTA, considering that type of agreements can influence negatively on employment in United States.