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Shared views on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)

President Joseph R. Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Shared views on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)

March 1, 2023

Dear President Biden:

As organizations whose constituencies continue to experience the harm caused by past corporate centered trade agreements, we have a strong desire to work with your administration to advance
goals you have described for the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) — particularly in
terms of a long overdue shift in direction for U.S. trade policy that finally places working people
and climate action at the center. We write today with shared views about IPEF terms that will be
necessary for the pact to meet important labor, family farm and environmental goals, as well as
recommendations for a more transparent and participatory process.

To begin, we are heartened by and appreciate reports that IPEF will not include some of the
damaging provisions found in past trade agreements, such as the anti-worker, anti-environment
and anti-democratic investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) system and public procurement
terms that could undermine “Buy America,” “buy local” and “buy green” programs.

The list of countries selected as initial IPEF partners, however, includes many with records of
labor rights violations, including unionist assassinations, human trafficking, forced labor, child
labor and more. To advance your administration’s promised worker-centered trade model, IPEF
must include strong labor rights commitments based on standards set in the International Labor
Organization’s core conventions, and it must also include facility-specific enforcement
mechanisms, building off the Rapid Response Mechanism in the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement
(USMCA). IPEF signatory countries must also be required to make the changes to their labor
laws necessary to align them with their new IPEF obligations before the pact is signed by the
United States. IPEF must take steps forward relative to the USMCA, not backward, on labor
rights and labor enforcement.

In terms of IPEF’s climate provisions, “a step forward” will not be enough. Given that previous
U.S. trade agreements, including the USMCA, fail to even mention the term “climate change,”
IPEF will need to be particularly ambitious in its climate provisions if it is to help the United
States and Indo-Pacific region achieve their climate and environmental justice goals. Among
other environmental measures, IPEF must require that countries adopt, implement and maintain binding climate standards, and must likewise extend swift-and-certain enforcement mechanisms
to those provisions.

On the matter of “digital trade,” IPEF’s terms must not be allowed to undermine the
administration’s domestic anti-monopoly and tech regulation agenda by locking in international
rules that threaten consumer privacy, data security, worker rights, civil rights, algorithm justice
and competition policy here and throughout the Indo-Pacific. In comparison to the USMCA’s
digital terms, any data flow guarantees or limits on safeguarding where data can be processed or
stored must be scaled back significantly in any IPEF deal, with much broader exceptions added
to better protect Americans’ personal data, as well as to protect good-paying jobs in the digital
economy. IPEF also must not include provisions that create special secrecy guarantees for Big
Tech firms’ source codes and algorithms so that they can evade the pre-review and audits that are
a feature of many criminal justice, civil rights, worker rights and other bills and the
administration’s AI Bill of Rights. As well, an IPEF must not establish non-discrimination terms
similar to those included in the USMCA and Trans-Pacific Partnership that capture policies with
“discriminatory effects” based on larger entities being more impacted by facially neutral policies
of general application. Non-discrimination rules in IPEF must be limited to de facto
discrimination or such rules will undermine competition policy efforts as well as labor laws and
other public interest policies. As your administration, Congress and other IPEF countries all
work hard to rein in Big Tech abuses, IPEF must not be used as a backdoor to undermine those

Likewise, IPEF’s other provisions in both the trade pillar and other three pillars must also
contribute to the creation of a worker-centered, climate-friendly trade model. For instance, socalled “Good Regulatory Practice” provisions must not replicate the terms of past trade proposals
aimed at delaying, weakening and destroying future public interest policies before they are even
created. And any agricultural provisions should allow for the creation of strategic food and grain
reserves and other public investment in agricultural resilience and local food systems, include
measures to stop land grabs and otherwise protect the human rights of farmers and farm
workers, and set floors, rather than ceilings, when it comes to food safety and fair price measures
for producers and consumers.

Finally, the United States’ requirement that IPEF negotiating parties sign confidentiality
agreements undermines the ability for an informed citizenry to provide input on policy that
impacts their livelihoods and communities; we urge you to terminate these confidentiality
agreements. We also urge you to publish upcoming U.S. IPEF proposals for public comment
prior to tabling them, including those on critical chapters like labor, the environment and digital
trade that we understand will be tabled soon, in addition to all other texts. And we urge the
United States and other countries to publish proposals and any draft composite texts at the close
of each IPEF negotiating round. A more transparent and participatory negotiating process for
IPEF would allow for a wider set of interests to provide informed input and ensure equitable
treatment of communities which are not part of the official U.S. trade advisor system, mostly
representing corporations who now have access to U.S. proposals and other confidential IPEF
texts. Reversing an unnecessarily bureaucratic and obtuse trade negotiating regime requires
operating in a transparent manner and would facilitate broader public support and confidence
among civil society organizations.

We look forward to being partners with your administration throughout the IPEF negotiating
process so that any final deal corrects the errors of past trade pacts and becomes a useful model
for future agreements that deliver real benefits to people and the planet.

Citizens Trade Campaign

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 source: Citizens Trade Campaign