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Social Movements Crushed ALCA

Prensa Latina, Cuba

Social Movements Crushed ALCA

By Roberto Gili Colom

9 April 2008

Havana, Apr 9 (Prensa Latina) The social movements stopped and crushed the Free Trade Area for the Americas (FTAA), said the president of the World Economics Study Center Osvaldo Martinez.

The also chairman of the National Assembly Economic Commission noted that social movements helped boost that victory but there is still an FTAA remainder to fight: free trade treaties.

Martinez attends the 7th Regional Meeting of Struggle against Free Trade Agreements in Havana’s Conventions Palace that unfolds under the slogan "Another America is Possible" to close April 11 with a final statement and an action program.

He added that the meeting is important because it must confirm the struggle against free trade agreements in general not only those that operate as extension of FTAA through other channels.

Other issues that confirm social injustices and oppression under the current world order that social movements also fight are foreign debt and IMF and WB policies.

There is also biofuel and its impact on food sovereignty, the ecological crisis, and the transnationals increasing pray on Latin American oil, gas, water and biodiversity, among other natural resources.

The meeting will also address militarization in Latin America, expansion of US military bases throughout the region, and "the trend to criminalize social protests."

The Cuban specialist called the meeting as the social movements contribution to fight for a better world.