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TDM 1 (2016) - CETA Special

TDM 1 (2016) - Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada (CETA)

This is the first detailed collection of reviews of CETA after its latest revisions, including the reworked Investment Chapter with an investment court replacing international arbitration. This a broad-ranging study of CETA starts off with an introduction by three leading experts. As usual the excerpt of the issue can be downloaded for free.


  • The Emerging Profile of the European IIAs
    by M.L. Marceddu
  • Study on ISDS and Alternatives to Dispute Resolution in Int’l Investment Law
    by S. Hindelang
  • ISDS in European Int’l Agreements: Alternative Justice or Alternative to Justice?
    by B. Cappiello
  • The EU’s Approach to Investor-State Arbitration in CETA
    by P. Hainbach
  • State-to-State Dispute Settlement Provisions in CETA
    by P. Pusceddu
  • Recent Developments in the Most Controversial Aspects of EU Int’l Investment Agreements: Portfolio Investments and ISDS
    by R. Cafari Panico, F. Di Benedetto
  • Issues of Attribution: Responsibility of the EU in Investment Disputes under CETA
    by H. Lenk
  • CETA’s Definition of the Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard
    by F. Jadeau, F. Gélinas
  • FET and Expropriation in the CETA
    by U. Kriebaum
  • Systemic Aspects and the Need for Codification of Int’l Tort Law Standards in Investment Arbitration
    by H. Wöss
  • Globalized Localism: Canada’s Government Procurement Commitments under CETA
    by D. Collins
  • Exceptions Clauses in the CETA between the EU and Canada
    by A. de Mestral CM
  • Domestic Policy Space and the Settlement of Trade Disputes under CETA
    by A. Bonfanti
  • CETA: A Threat to Financial Stability? A Case for Regulatory Co-operation
    by J. Birr

Table of contents and free excerpt here

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