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Tell Congress: oppose the US-Peru free trade agreement!

Oxfam America Advocacy Fund

Tell Congress: Oppose the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement!

Last week, the US signed a free trade agreement with Peru, where more
than half of the population lives in poverty. Trade could be an engine
to pull millions out of poverty, but this agreement, like the Central
American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) before it, will institutionalize
an uneven playing field between the two countries.

The fight’s not over yet, since Congress must approve the agreement
before it can take effect. This is where we need your help!

Tell Congress to oppose the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement!

If signed into law, the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will do more
harm than good for millions of Peruvians who live in poverty.

If passed, this FTA will put access to important life-saving drugs at
affordable prices out of the reach for the majority of Peruvians. It
will make it harder for small-scale farmers in Peru to compete with
subsidized agricultural products from the US. This FTA will also weaken
the government’s ability to pass laws to ensure that foreign investment
helps promote sustainable development.

This is a bad deal for poor people in Peru, and we need your help to
make sure it does not become law.

We appreciate your support to tell Congress to Make Trade Fair.

The editable form letter to Members of Congress can be viewed, and sent
from Oxfam’s page at:

 source: Oxfam America