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Thailand, US to resume free trade talks - official

Thompson Financial | 24 June 2008

Thailand, US to resume free trade talks - official

BANGKOK (Thomson Financial) — Thailand plans to resume free trade talks with the United States, which were put on hold after a military coup in 2006, a Thai government spokesperson said Tuesday.

A senior official from the Thai commerce ministry ’recently had a meeting with a U.S. trade representative in Washington DC on resuming the Thai-US free trade agreement talks,’ spokesman Wichianchote Sukchotrat said.

He gave no timeframe for when the negotiations might resume, saying only that Thailand and the United States — the kingdom’s biggest trading partner — were setting up an unofficial mechanism to hammer out any sticking points.

’The discussions will lead to FTA talks... and will lead to increase in investment and trade,’ said Wichianchote.

 source: Thompson Financial