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Tonga says it is still in PACER Plus

Radio NZ | 2 April 2018

Tonga says it is still in PACER Plus

Tonga’s prime minister has denied that Tonga has withdrawn from the regional trade deal known as PACER Plus.

The deal was signed in Nuku Alofa last June by 10 countries including Australia, New Zealand and Tonga.

Last week, Matangi Tonga reported that ’Akilisi Pohiva admitted that the agreement was found to be inappropriate for Tonga and the country was no longer a signatory.

However Kaniva News now quotes him as saying he did not make that statement nor did he say anything that even suggested, or could be translated or interpreted, that Tonga was no longer a signatory to PACER Plus.

Regional countries which stayed away from last year’s signing were Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

 source: Radio NZ