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TTIP discussed in Malta: What is the position of Maltese EP candidates? – NGOs

Gozo News | 21 May 2014

TTIP discussed in Malta: What is the position of Maltese EP Candidates? – NGOs

In relation to a seminar organised by the US Embassy and the American Chamber of Commerce in Malta, Leftist NGOs asked Maltese MEP candidates to state whether they disapprove of the TTIP process.

Zminijietna – Voice of the Left, Alliance against Poverty, General Workers’ Union Youths, Moviment Graffitti and Association of Federative Socialists said that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA should be subject to an impact study, to a democratic discussion in the European Parliament and within civil society, and to full transparency before proceeding. It should also be subject to a referendum.

The NGOs said that within the EU various protests are being held against the TTIP, with a recent protest in Brussels resulting in arrests and repression towards peaceful activists.

“The Maltese Left organisations join the wave of protests in Europe against austerity, neo-liberalism and anti-democratic decision making, and we ask Maltese MEPs to declare their position on the TTIP.”

The NGOs said that, “If approved as being proposed, the TTIP will have a huge impact on policy matters across the two economic blocs, paving the way for increased big business dominance and commercialisation For this reason we urge Maltese EP candidates to declare their position on the TTIP.”

“We are opposing what is being proposed, namely, lower standards to the detriment of public health, public security, workers’ and consumers’ rights and environmental protection.” The NGOs stated, “the TTIP should not be allowed to transfer regulatory competence from democratic institutions to unelected technocratic institutions.”

“We are opposing the liberalisation and privatisation of public services such as health, culture, water, social services and education. Political autonomy on cultural productions, educational activities and local policies should not be compromised to satisfy the needs of big business.”

The position of the Leftist NGOs is reflected in their Left European Manifesto which can be accessed at

The Seminar organised by the US embassy will be held on 22nd May at Malta Enterprise in G’Mangia, at 3pm.

 source: Gozo News