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Ukraine should be economically prepared for work within FTA with EU

NRCU, Ukraine

Ukraine should be economically prepared for work within FTA with EU

9 April 2012

The time till the signing of an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU should be used for the preparation of various sectors of national economy to work in a free trade area (FTA) with the EU, Head of European Integration at the Presidential Administration Yevhen Perelyhin told TVi television channel.

"The agreement opens up great opportunities that we need to use. To do this, Ukraine needs to be prepared. First of all - as referred to a free trade area, so that our products could be competitive on the European market," the official said. He said it is about the need to produce high-quality national products, which, being competitive in the EU, also can easily get to other markets. "We should not waste time... Already, we must be prepared," Perelyhin emphasized. Perelyhin also drew attention to the fact that thanks to the Association Agreement Ukraine will take part in many EU programs (currently more than 30 ones). In addition, he called a positive decision of the EU to grant Ukraine a long transition period to adapt to EU standards. The most important for Ukraine, according to Perelyhin, is a part of the agreement, where our country commits itself to apply the European law. "There is a huge list of European standards, guidelines, laws which we, with the help of the EU undertake, to apply in Ukraine and make them part of national legislation," he said.