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Uruguay and Ecuador discuss possible bilateral trade agreement

MercoPress | 20 April 2022

Uruguay and Ecuador discuss possible bilateral trade agreement

The Presidents of Ecuador and Uruguay, Guillermo Lasso and Luis Lacalle Pou, Tuesday discussed a possible bilateral agreement within the Latin American Integration Association (Aladi).

“I believe that the economies of Uruguay and Ecuador are complementary. What Ecuador produces is not produced by Uruguay and vice versa. Therefore, we can export bananas and we can also buy dairy and meat products”, said Lasso during the encounter Tuesday afternoon at Montevideo’s Torre Ejecutiva.

Asked about a possible free trade zone in South America, Lasso admitted the issue had been on the table with Lacalle Pou, but “I believe that what is in our hands is an agreement between Uruguay and Ecuador,” he stressed.

Lasso also pointed out the Venezuela issue had not been mentioned, as it had the day before when he met in Buenos Aires with Argentine President Alberto Fernández.

The Ecuadorian leader also paid a visit to Aladi’s quarters in Montevideo, where he highlighted the opening to the world his country should have, which was shared by Aladi Secretary-General Sergio Abreu.

”The vision that (Lasso) has of Ecuador to the world is of an important opening, also the infrastructure conditions of Ecuador, telecommunications, and modernity“, the Uruguayan Abreu told EFE.

”I have always said that integration contributes to the prosperity of peoples. That is why I am pleased to start my work agenda in Uruguay with @ALADI_SG, which does great work in this area. Here we agreed on the importance of creating a Latin American common market,“ Lasso posted on Twitter.

Lacalle Pou also admitted in statements to the press that he and Lasso had exchanged views on ”the possibility of starting to deal with a bilateral trade agreement.“

Lasso also said on social media that ”I had a very profitable working meeting with a friend and ally of Ecuador, the president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou.“

”We both have the firm conviction to strengthen trade and development cooperation. We will continue on this path for the prosperity of our countries,“ he added.

Lasso flew from Buenos Aires where he had met Monday with Alberto Fernandez. ”We continue to open up to the world demonstrating our potential in investments and development,” he pointed out.

 source: MercoPress