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US-Colombia FTA to be signed in days: Adviser to Obama

Colombia Reports | Tuesday, 18 October 2011

US-Colombia FTA to be signed in days: Adviser to Obama

James Bargent

The U.S Free Trade Agreement with Colombia will be signed into law within days, according to the U.S President’s senior adviser on Latin America.

Dan Restrepo said he did not expect there to be any further barriers or legal confrontations to the passing of the long-stalled agreement, Colombian media reported.

He added that the agreement was a fundamental step towards reviving the U.S economy.

Although the deal will only come into force next year, Colombian Agriculture Minister Juan Camilo Restrepo has called on sectors of the Colombian economy to begin preparations.

Restrepo said, “there are sub-sectors that face challenges and threats, like rice and dairy production, we have to work intensely to prepare ourselves to re-engineer these sectors in such a way that they are ready to compete.”

The minister added that certain government sectors also had to prepare to meet new standards, such as sanitary and customs requirements.

 Fuente: Colombia Reports