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USA : FTA opens the exports ’door’ to Chile


USA : FTA opens the exports ’door’ to Chile
1st September 2004

The US and Chile set up the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries early this year. This has opened a flood of opportunity for both the countries and more so for US to export clothing, textiles, telecommunication goods etc.

Taking advantage of this scenario, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has launched a training called the TradeRoots program.

Six American states have received grant to take part in the project to begin exporting to Chile.

The seminar is titled “Increasing Exports to Chile Utilizing the US-Chile Free Trade Agreement,” set out on exploring export opportunities with this South American country.

Small and individual companies can take advantage of the free trade agreementwhich provides easy access to US companies in Chilean markets.

Interesting fact about Chile is that it is one of the South America’s most open economies registering a 4-5 percent growth rate.

Its credit rating has just been raised from A- to A and Transparency International, an international organization that fights government corruption, has ranked its reliability higher than France, Spain and Italy.

Chilean consumers are termed as ’very sophisticated,’ and their business and industry produce everything from high-end tech products to low-level consumer goods.

A ear for good market and price competitiveness can make a good business opportunity come true.

Lots of small and large companies have shown keen interests in the Chilean markets and may soon embark on new ventures there, given the above scenario.