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  • 12-Sep-2006
    Indian trade officials will travel to Sri Lanka to discuss Vanaspathi oil
    A high level team of Indian trade officials will arrive in Sri Lanka next week to finalise the quotas for cooking oil and bakery shortening exported from Sri Lanka to India, says the Secretary to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Trade, R.M.K. Rathnayaka.
  • 14-Jul-2006 Daily India
    Lanka offers free trade pact to Bangladesh
    Sri Lanka has mooted a free trade agreement (FTA) with Bangladesh citing its positive experience with the ones it has signed with India and Pakistan.
  • 7-Jun-2006
    All local Vanaspati factories shut down after India tightens imports
    All Sri Lankan factories producing Vanaspati oil have shut down, after controversial Indian regulations to restrict duty free exports of the vegetable oil to India.
  • 17-Mar-2006 Daily News
    Singapore mulls FTA with Lanka
    Singapore is keen on entering into an FTA with Sri Lanka, Minister of Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion Rohitha Bogollagama said on Wednesday.
  • 7-Mar-2006
    Indo-Sri Lanka free trade agreement a success to Sri Lanka: Minister Fernandopullai
    Indian government has agreed to provide a 70% tax concession for 2,802 goods exported from Sri Lanka to India, says Minister of Trade, Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Marketing Development Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, appraising the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement as a success to Sri Lanka.
  • 23-Jan-2006 Daily News
    Sri Lanka’s free trade agreement with Pakistan
    By having preferential access to the two major markets in South Asia - India and Pakistan - Sri Lanka can now position itself as the conduit for Indo-Pakistan trade that has diminished due to political problems centred around the Most Favoured Nation treatment.
  • 12-Jan-2006 AFP
    US says no quick free trade deal with Sri Lanka
    The United States warned Sri lanka against banking on a quick free trade deal to fix its economic woes and urged the island to restore peace and open its markets.
  • 10-Jan-2006
    Sri Lanka, US Free Trade Pact Uncertain - Ambassador
    A free trade agreement between Sri Lanka and the U.S. isn’t a certainty and even if it does happen, it isn’t guaranteed to solve the country’s trade difficulties, the U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka said Tuesday.