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China-Serbia free trade deal to take effect in July
President Xi Jinping said that a free trade agreement between China and Serbia will take effect on July 1. podcast: NAFTA’s 30th anniversary
Special edition on the 30th anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement that came into force in 1994 and inspired many free trade agreements that were subsequently signed around the world.
The tide is turning against the global court for corporations – ISDS
After a decade long struggle by PSI and affiliates against trade rules that put corporate profits before people, victory is in sight!
NAFTA panel orders rethink on softwood lumber duties
B.C. forests minister says NAFTA panel ruling positive, but doesn’t end softwood lumber dispute.
EU interested in UAE free trade deal as GCC talks stall
The EU would be interested in a UAE free-trade deal if talks for a GCC-wide agreement do not progress, according to a top official.
Japanese PM discusses Mercosur FTA with Paraguay’s President
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited Paraguay to strengthen bilateral ties and counter China’s regional influence. The visit resulted in signed memorandums on climate change, trade, investment, and space cooperation.
Marcos: PH, South Korea to sign free trade pact this year
President Marcos believes that the Philippines and South Korea will approve their free trade agreement (FTA) this year. He also aims for a separate deal to grant duty-free access for certain Philippine products to the South Korean market.
Taiwan, US wrap up latest round of talks for trade deal
The second round of a second phase of talks under the United States-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade wrapped up in Taipei on Friday (May 3) after discussions about agriculture, environmental protection, and labor issues.
PH-EU FTA negotiations could be fast-tracked – DTI chief
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Alfredo Pascual is optimistic that the negotiations for the Philippines-European Union Free Trade Agreement (PH-EU FTA) could be fast-tracked given the speed of the previous trade deal of the country with European countries.
Aspects of NZ-China FTA up for renegotiation
New Zealand is set to begin renegotiating its free trade agreement with China, focusing on further liberalizing services trade. While seeking deeper trade ties with China, New Zealand also aims to maintain security partnerships with traditional allies like Australia and the US.
CEPA: UAE, New Zealand launch talks for a free trade deal
New Zealand and the UAE will begin negotiations over a free trade agreement, the Pacific nation’s trade minister said.
UAE aims to conclude more CEPAS with African countries to boost trade ties
The UAE aims to conclude more Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPAS) with African countries as the Arab world’s second largest economy continues to boost its trade ties globally.
The global laws that help corporations block climate action
Companies have long used international treaties to try to prevent Global South countries from asserting economic sovereignty. In recent decades, corporations have used such laws to stymie European governments’ attempts to tackle the climate crisis.
The hidden costs of the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
There are many downsides for Singaporeans that are never mentioned. For consumers, the clause on Intellectual Property Rights has been the most damaging.
Victories in the global movement against corporate globalization
For half a century, the ISDS system has allowed multinational corporations to run off with billions of taxpayers dollars while allowing them to undermine environmental standards, public health protections, financial regulations, and other sound policies throughout the world.
Blow to China’s bid to join trade pact
The Productivity Commission has concluded that letting China into the trans-Pacific free trade pact would deliver negligible economic benefit for Australia, a finding that won’t help Beijing’s bid to join the club.
War on Gaza: Turkey halts all trade with Israel over war
Turkey and Israel have a free trade agreement that has been in effect since 1997.
ECVC rejects free trade narrative of AGRIFISH council and demands market regulation and an end to FTAs to address root causes of farmers’ issues
For farmers on the ground, FTAs and the WTO rules only serve to drive down prices as far as possible, with no regard for the costs to the wellbeing and health of farmers and citizens, nor the impact on climate and biodiversity.
India’s newly amended patent rules threaten affordable medicines in the Global South
It is no coincidence that just five days before the amendments were announced, India signed a Free Trade Agreement with the European Free Trade Association.
India-Canada FTA talks unlikely to resume soon
The negotiations may not restart anytime soon unless political issues between both countries find a resolution.