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Ecuadorean police fight trade protesters
Police fired tear gas at stone-throwing Indians as they blocked roadways around the capital with rocks and tree trunks Tuesday during protests against free-trade talks with Washington.
Ecuador begins second week of anti-FTA protests
Ecuador today is starting another week of indigenous mobilizations against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States, with marches and road blocks in various provinces.
Indian leader rejects Ecuadorean president’s call to end anti-US free trade protests
The leader of Ecuador’s main Indian movement on Thursday rejected President Alfredo Palacio’s call to end protests against free-trade talks with the United States.
Farmers plan to protest EPA talks
Farmers from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean states have expressed interest in holding some form of action similar to that at the launch of the Economic Partnership Agreement in St. Lucia last September.
Peruvian farm orgs protest FTA
More than 30 agricultural organizations in Peru announced a national strike against possible signing of a free trade agreement with the United States, which they believe would severely affect them.
Ecuador ready to butt US FTA
The Ecuadorian government’s aspirations to wrap up the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US by the end of March, are stirring up Thursday grassroots organizations against that deal.
Salvadorans protest trade deal with US
Thousands of street vendors, university students and labor unionists marched in San Salvador Tuesday against a regional free trade accord with the United States, which they say will hurt small businesses and organized labor.
Colombian students oppose FTA
Students of Colombia’s Teachers College protested on Tuesday against what they described as a free trade agreement with the US that goes against national interests.
Guatemalans march against US FTA
Hundreds of union members, farmers, women, indigenous and representatives of other Guatemalan sectors marched in front of the US Embassy Friday chanting "No to the TLC" (Spanish for FTA).
S Korean farmers, movie makers rally over US trade talks
Some 2,000 South Korean farmers, movie-makers and anti-US activists staged a candlelight protest Friday against free trade negotiations with the United States.
Anti-Thaksin rally: Coalition gains momentum
The new Royal Plaza alliance of senators and civic groups has boosted the credibility of the movement to oust Thailand’s Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and produced an array of new issues from free trade to human rights violations and the plight of the rural poor
S. Korea halts film making to protest US trade deal
South Korea’s movie industry ground to a halt on Wednesday, as dozens of stars and hundreds of film workers protested against a government move to cut protection for the industry to smooth free trade talks with the United States.
Present capacity and future development of the Andean struggle against the FTA
The region-wide campaign against the US-Andean free trade agreement (FTA) made important, if partial, achievements in 2005. The FTA negotiation has been delayed thanks to social pressure, but it has not been stopped.
Clashes lead to chaos in Ecuador
Students and police have clashed again in Ecuador, as protests against a possible rise in bus fares entered a second week. The students also want the government to cancel its contract with the Occidental Petroleum Corporation and for it to refuse to join the proposed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.
Riding Thailand’s political bandwagon
EGAT’s privatization and the US trade talks represent the most ambitious efforts of two of Thaksin’s core economic platforms: the privatization of state-owned enterprises and the proliferation of bilateral FTAs. So it is no surprise that both issues crystallize the wider debate on the state of democracy and the country’s development path.
Thai-US FTA talks: Stumbling block
The Thai-US free-trade talks hit a snag yesterday after the head Thai negotiator for intellectual-property rights declared demands by the US for Thailand to tighten up drug patenting as “unacceptable”.
International NGO solidarity statement: US-Thai free trade negotiations
Thai AIDS activists and their international allies are seeking suspension of scheduled trade talks that threaten to undermine Thailand’s lawful ability to produce, import/export, and market low-cost generic versions of life-saving medicines.
Photos of demonstrations against US-Thai FTA (Chiang Mai, 10 January 2006)
Today, around 8000 people were demonstrating in Chiang Mai. A couple of people trying to enter the hotel where the US and Thai negotiating teams were meeting were beaten by the police. 30 people tried to swim across the river to reach the hotel and were beaten too.
Thousands resist pact with US
Over 8,000 protesters from an alliance of 11 groups opposing the Thai-US free trade area (FTA) agreement took to the streets of this northern city yesterday to demand what they termed unfair trade negotiations be scrapped.
10,000 protest US-Thai FTA talks
Thousands of Thais representing a diverse swath of society ranging from garlic growers to HIV/AIDS activists gathered outside a hotel in Thailand’s northern city of Chiang Mai Monday to protest closed-door talks on a Thai-US free trade agreement (FTA).