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Rights Commission urges end to FTA protest ban

Chosun Ilbo

Dec. 6, 2006

Rights Commission Urges End to FTA Protest Ban

The National Human Rights Commission recommended Tuesday that the police lift a ban on a protests against a free trade agreement between Korea and the U.S. The commission made the decision at an extraordinary meeting after the Korea Alliance against KORUS FTA made a request for emergency action on the police ban Monday. Police pledged to prevent a protest an affiliate of the alliance said it will hold in Seoul Plaza and Jongmyo Park on Wednesday.

The commission said freedom of assembly is a basic right guaranteed in the Constitution. It advised the two sides to agree on a peaceful rally by exchanging a memorandum of understanding or holding a joint news conference.

But the alliance rejected the recommendation, saying making an agreement with police would set a bad precedent. It said anyone is entitled to hold a demonstration just by reporting it to police in advance. The National Police Agency said it will not lift the protest ban since the alliance boycotted the recommendation.

 source: Chosun Ilbo