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Car handouts ’hindering FTA with China’
The executive chairman of the company behind Australia’s top-selling cheese brand has warned that the Australian government’s support for the car industry is holding up a free-trade agreement with China.
Pigs on Boeing 747s from UK to China
Following a trade deal, breeding pigs are being flown from the UK to China, up to 900 per flight in Boeing 747s.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A threat to democracy and food sovereignty
This Backgrounder outlines the agreement’s assault on democracy and food sovereignty and examines the TPP’s likely impacts on food and agriculture in Japan, the latest country to join negotiations.
Taking steps to ensure compliance with EU food norms: Govt
Admitting to increased stances of rejection of food consignments by EU in the last three years, India today said it is taking steps to ensure compliance with the European norms.
Free-trade deal given shot in arm
Smart political footwork by Prime Minister John Key has put the South Korean free-trade agreement back on the agenda.
Namibia Dairies wants milk import restrictions
Namibia Dairies has applied to the Ministry of Trade and Industry for the introduction of ’Quantitive Restrictions’; a move that will limit the amount of imported dairy products into Namibia.
The major obstacles to the EU-US free trade deal
Topics where EU and US politicians and stakeholders’ interests clash — such as public procurement, data protection, financial services and agricultural issues like geographical indicators and sanitary and phytosanitary measures – will prove the most problematic during talks.
EU wants US beef ban lifted under TTIP
European Union representatives travelling to Washington DC next week for the first round of negotiations with the US to forge a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership want early progress on the Americans lifting the current ban on European beef, an EU source close to the negotiations said.
Large protest rallies held in Busan over Korean FTA talks with China
There was a lot of tension in connection with the Korea-China FTA negotiations being held for three days in Busan this week. Rallies of opposition groups including farmers coincided with a visit from the Chinese trade delegation.
S. Korean farmers hold massive rally against FTA with China
Thousands of South Korean farmers and fishermen rallied Tuesday to oppose a potential free trade deal with China as the two countries kicked off a new round of negotiations to tear down trade barriers between two of Asia’s biggest economies.
Korea: Farmers seek edge to prosper from China FTA
With Korean and Chinese policymakers due to wrap up the sixth round of negotiations on a free trade agreement between the two countries in Busan on Thursday, thousands of agriculture workers from across the country have been marching through the city in protest.
EU envoy prods Canada to finalize free trade deal
European access for Canadian beef still a sticking point
Increased access to Canadian dairy market urged
The US National Milk Producers Federation’s Board of Directors last week approved a resolution in opposition to any Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement that does not provide for significantly increased access to the Canadian dairy market.
Analysis: Cows block path toward Canada-EU free trade deal
Salvaging a free-trade deal between Canada and the European Union after four years of talks will require skillful pasture politicking to pacify beef and dairy cow farmers who see more risk than opportunity.
Would TPP be good or bad to Vietnam’s agriculture?
Analysts have warned that Vietnam’s agriculture, which has been protected with the high import tariffs, would suffer from TPP once the import tariffs are removed
At trade talks, US, EU ready for fight on genetically modified crops
Opposition to US agricultural practices is threatening to become a major battle in discussions starting next month that could sweep away trade barriers between the United States and Europe.
Food and capitalism: a crisis of waste and destruction
Capitalism and the racing pace of technology at the service of maximizing profits have come together to form a super-crisis of waste and destruction. We can use corn as an example
Divide over beef last bridge to cross on road to EU trade pact
The European Union’s ambassador to Canada said special access for agriculture goods is the last obstacle to a trade deal between Brussels and Ottawa, and drew a line in the sand over how much market access the EU could offer Canadian beef producers.
EUWEP calls for fair trade, not free trade
EU egg producers have lobbied MEPs for fair trade, not free trade, highlighting that the egg industry would be disadvantaged if it isn’t given special protected status in any future trade agreements.
NZ-China agricultural agreement signed
NZ Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy has signed a Strategic Plan on Promoting Agricultural Cooperation between New Zealand and China.