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S Korean farmers, movie makers rally over US trade talks
Some 2,000 South Korean farmers, movie-makers and anti-US activists staged a candlelight protest Friday against free trade negotiations with the United States.
Exclusion of rice from trade deal ‘possible’
With the government’s recent efforts to sign a free trade agreement with the United States drawing intense opposition from farmers here, a top Korean government official said the trade negotiators would try to exempt rice from the economic pact.
Ecuador-US FTA hinges on farming
Ecuadorian Foreign Affaire Minister Jorge Illingworth asserted that a Free Trade Agreement with the US would basically depend on a favorable agriculture deal.
S. Korea to reflect farmers’ concerns in US free trade talks
"Farmers and ranchers will be invited to take part in negotiations from the outset," a Korean agricultural ministry official said.
S. Korean rice industry to be hit hard by FTA with US: Report
South Korea’s rice industry could suffer a significant drop in earnings and production if the country signs a free trade pact with the United States, even if rice is excluded from the deal, a report said Wednesday.
US sorghum sold to Morocco for the first time in six years
US sorghum has been sold to Morocco for the first time in six years, a testament that the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is working.
Korea wants rice out of FTA
Improving the quality of locally grown agricultural products will be a key government goal this year as more imports are expected to be sold on the South Korean market, the country’s agriculture minister said Monday.
Australia joins queue for trade deal
Canberra hopes to reach a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Seoul, Peter Rowe, Australia’s new ambassador to South Korea, said on Thursday. He also underlined that the bilateral trade deal would not hurt South Korea’s agriculture industry.
Chinese food makes Thais uneasy
A free-trade agreement (FTA) that Thailand signed with China a little over two years ago has begun to worry politicians and academics, who say it has proved disastrous for the Southeast Asian country’s farmers.
US wants more concessions on beef imports: Official
The US will push Korea for further negotiations on resuming imports of US beef with parts attached to the bone included, an official with the US Embassy in Korea said Wednesday. This January, the Korean government partly lifted the ban to ease the way for free-trade talks.
S. Korea set to re-open FTA talks with Japan
South Korea is willing to resume talks with Japan on a free trade agreement (FTA) if the latter promises to open its agricultural market wider, Seoul’s top economic policymaker said Saturday.
Free-Trade Backer Favored in Costa Rica
A Nobel Peace Prize winner who supports a free-trade agreement with the United States was favored in pre-election polls as Costa Ricans chose a new president on Sunday. He faced a rival who said the pact would hurt farmers.
FTA deals a wild card: farmers
To the delight of free traders and the apprehension of Korean farmers and other globalization foes, the United States and Korea announced Thursday that they would begin negotiations on a free trade agreement.
Peru - Farmers ask for referendum free trade agreement
The National Agricultural Convention (CONVEAGRO) will present 40,000 signatures at the National Electoral Jury to back up their demand to submit signing of a free trade agreement with the US to a national referendum.
Agriculture blocks Colombia-US FTA
Disagreements on issues like agriculture are forcing the Colombian government on Friday to delay the possible signing of the free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States, scheduled for this weekend.
Farmers break up hearing on US-South Korea FTA
Angry farmers have broken up a public hearing to discuss impending talks between South Korea and the US on establishing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), officials said.
EOs imperil vegetable, fruit industries
The reduction of tariffs on wide range of agricultural products as mandated by Executive Orders 485 and 487 under the China-ASEAN FTA would impact the Philippines’ vegetable and fruit industries, a coalition of nongovernment organizations for the agriculture sector said.
Colombia trade benefits seen at risk without US deal
US Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley warned that agricultural market access terms of the Colombia agreement must be at least as good as the CAFTA. If Colombia can’t agree to those terms, "there’s really not much point in continuing negotiations" a Committee aide said.
USTR cites needs for agricultural tariff cuts in Korea
US Trade Representative Rob Portman said South Korean farmers’ protests are not expected to affect efforts to start negotiating a free trade agreement (FTA).
New Australian envoy looking ahead to FTA deal
The new Australian Ambassador’s third posting in Korea might be the charm that helps bring Australia-Korea trade relations to its zenith.