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Bilateral agreements imposing TRIPS-plus intellectual property rights on biodiversity in developing countries
A detailed roster of FTAs and other bilateral agreements that impose "TRIPS-plus" standards with regard to biological diversity in developing countries.
No FTA with Australia: Japanese minister
Japan’s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Mineichi Iwanaga says Japan has no intention of concluding a free-trade agreement with Australia.
In the trade zone: Georgians assess effects of CAFTA deal
Georgia’s poultry industry is gearing up to ship more frozen chicken abroad under the Central American Free Trade Agreement, while parts of the state’s textile industry also stand to gain.
The Thai-US FTA and its impacts on Thai Jasmine rice and biological resources
The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRC) has expressed its concern over ongoing negotiations on the Thai-US Free Trade Agreement, particularly on the issues of intellectual property rights.
Terrorism, agriculture and US-India cooperation
Terrorism and agriculture are among the issues raised in the joint India-US Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement issued on 18 July 2005 during Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh’s meeting with President Bush.
Somkid: FTA with Japan hinges on rule changes for farm goods
Commerce Minister Somkid Jatusripitak - under pressure from local businesses - yesterday assured them that the government would not sign a free-trade pact with Japan unless it is satisfied with terms concerning rules of origin for farm goods.
Free trade showdown: How long can Panama hold out for an agreement that reflects its own national interests?
DR-CAFTA’s narrow victory will incite US domestic producers’ lobbies to exert heavier pressure to get a US-Panama agreement more favorable to US industry.
Washington likely to press for opening of beef market
The United States is very likely to ask Thailand to further open its market for beef under the two countries’ planned free trade area (FTA) agreement, in order to stay competitive with rival Australia.
FTA fine print remains a big hurdle
Bilateral free-trade agreements typically revolve around discussions of quotas and tariffs and the principle of market access for traders. But an even more crucial component is rules of origin. In the end, an agreement without clear, practical and fair rules is nothing but a can of food with no opener _ you know the food is in there, you just can’t eat it.
Sticky situation for Japan’s rice policy
As Japan moves to sign more bilateral Free Trade Agreements, agriculture remains a sticking point with other rice producing nations such as Australia, India and China.
2 Minnesotans hold CAFTA cards
In a showdown that could be a defining moment in President Bush’s second term, Congress is preparing to vote this week on the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). And all eyes are on two Republican congressmen from Minnesota.
Benefits of US, Thai free trade agreement examined
The US is currently the top supplier to Thailand of agricultural products and the US-Thai FTA is expected "to further open and diversify sales for these and other products, such as beef and pork, to this major market for US farmers and ranchers," a US Department of Commerce statement said.
Free trade deal with US hinges on RP agricultural sector proposal
The likelihood of forging the US-Philippines free trade agreement (FTA) largely hinges on the Philippine agricultural sector in folding into the proposal.
EU hopes to reach free trade agreement with Mercosur in 2006
The European Union hopes to reach a free trade agreement with Latin American trade group Mercosur by May 2006. But some Brazilian diplomats said Brazil wishes to delay the signing of the agreement till the end of the Doha round so as to seek more concessions from the EU on issues regarding agricultural products.
Pros, cons of free trade with Thailand heard
Questions regarding opening up the market for sugar imports was a feature of Monday’s teleconference involving Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., and members of the Thailand delegation.
Better China links needed
Local businesses are being urged to set up distribution centres in China to take better advantage of the country’s free trade area (FTA) pact with Thailand.
Peru sees its chances boosted for US trade deal
Peru is moving faster in free-trade talks with the United States than Andean partners Colombia and Ecuador, and it will seek to sign a bilateral deal if an accord among all the countries cannot be reached, Economy Minister Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said Monday.
Free trade pacts turning a tool to dump spices
Ever since the Free Trade and Preferential Trade Agreements (FTA/PTA) between India and its neighbours have come in to force, spices that are not even grown in these countries are landing here as produce of those nations.
Free or even fair?
As the 4th round of Thailand-US free-trade negotiations start today in Montana, a key issue will be the shape of any future intellectual-property regime. The survival of Thai jasmine rice, and the people who grow it, may very well depend on whatever system is finally agreed upon.
Of rice and men
For US and Thai trade negotiators meeting next week in Montana, intellectual property rights protections for plant breeders and pharmaceutical innovators are proving to be the most contentious issues in negotiating a Thailand-US Free Trade Agreement (TUSFTA).