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Trade agreements: How African states are resisting pressure from the North but not managing to assert their priorities
African countries are regularly offered Free Trade Agreements by the world’s major economic powers. The balance of power is so unequal that they seem forever condemned to be the big losers.
Free trade and debt: the two sides of neocolonialism
Highlights from the workshop organised in Marrakesh by Attac Maroc,, CADTM Africa, GRAIN and the Tunisian Observatory of Economy.
US pressuring new left-wing Honduras government over privatized cities
US senators argue that abolishing special economic zones known as ZEDEs would violate the provisions of CAFTA-DR, including the provision ensuring “fair and equitable treatment and full protection and security.”
Problematising the relationship between mining, development and foreign investment in Colombia
The new resource extraction regime continued to consolidate through the approval of new development plans, new standards, and the signing of international investment agreements.
Public-private partnerships and aid’s ’private turn’: addressing the investment law dimensions
Where PPP projects turn sour, governments could be exposed to arbitration claims under applicable investment treaties.
EU could cut aid to nations frustrating its trade agreement
The European Union could cut development aid to East African countries that have refused to enter its trade agreement.
Disaster capitalism: Ecuador forced to pay US oil giant $ 180M
The Ecuadorean government is being forced to use money that could go toward relief efforts to instead pay off a multinational oil company.
The future of ACP, Europe relations
ACP–EU relations have been in existence for quite a while but what great gains has it achieved, for at least one of its small islands member in the Pacific, Palau, asks its former Vice President, Sandra Pierantozzi.
Free trade is not what Africa needs, Mr Cameron
On his trip to South Africa yesterday, David Cameron talked of the need to go beyond debt cancellation and aid "to make African free trade the common purpose of the continent". He lamented there has never once been "a march or a concert to call for … an African free trade area". He pointed to the need for more inter-African trade to facilitate the growth that would mean "businesses growing, new jobs on offer, families on the up, living standards transformed".
Switzerland commits US$10 million to Peru for trade development
Switzerland has committed US$ 10 million to Peru for the strengthening and development of the Andean country’s trade capacity and competitiveness, Peru’s Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur) announced Tuesday.
France To Maintain Official Development Assistance To Ghana
Despite the global financial turmoil, the government of France will continue to provide its official development assistance to Ghana.
Fair deals a Pacific pipedream
One juicy Australian-grown aid patty, some aromatic seasonal labour sauce all held together within the iron clad guarantee of two trade liberalising pieces of white bread and a smattering of forest carbon partnership-flavoured fries. What financially famished island state could resist?
EC grants Ecowas 44.8m Euros
The European Commission has approved a total of 44.8 million Euros to support regional integration in West Africa over a period of five years, from 2007 to 2011.
EC provides 7.2 mln Euros to support Asean integration process
The European Commission (EC) has officially launched a 7.2 million euros (RM33.2 million) programme to support the Asean integration process.
Trade bloc ’must reap benefits of EU funds’
A split among Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries that were also members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of countries would be detrimental to the region when the European Development Fund decided by year end to roll out development funds for the SADC region, said Foreign Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini- Zuma yesterday.
Opinion: Japan’s aid policy in dire need of revamp
The second largest economy in the world is in the midst of change and one crucial area it needs to look is its official development assistance programme.
EU to announce 840-million-euro aid program for Central America
The European Union is about to announce an 840 million euro (1.141 billion US dollar) aid program for Central America, the European Commission said Tuesday.
EU pledges aid, advice to Saarc, Safta
The European Commission (EC) has offered to share expertise and experience in all areas of interest to South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Saarc) as well as in the implementation of the South Asia Free Trade Agreement (Safta).
Brussels rejects moves to link trade with aid
Despite public rhetoric that new trade agreements with some of the world’s poorest countries are a development tool, in private the European Union is insisting on excluding aid from the negotiations.