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Andean countries

Is free trade just? Church speaks for those who fall through cracks
Free trade agreements have become a bone of contention again in the Andes, and Catholics must take a stand, said an international economic development policy adviser for the US bishops.
US-Colombia FTA (2006)
This text reflects the agreement reached between the United States and Colombia on February 27, 2006.
Humala demands referendum on US-Peru free trade agreement
United States and Peru signed Wednesday a bilateral free trade treaty - two years in the making - at the headquarters of the Organization of American States in Washington.
Anti-FTA protest in Ecuador
Workers unions, social, political and student movements are concluding this Tuesday preparations for national strike against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States.
Ecuador-US FTA hinges on farming
Ecuadorian Foreign Affaire Minister Jorge Illingworth asserted that a Free Trade Agreement with the US would basically depend on a favorable agriculture deal.
Present capacity and future development of the Andean struggle against the FTA
The region-wide campaign against the US-Andean free trade agreement (FTA) made important, if partial, achievements in 2005. The FTA negotiation has been delayed thanks to social pressure, but it has not been stopped.
Natural resources in the US-Andean Free Trade Agreement
The three Andean countries currently negotiating a free trade agreement with the United States, in their double capacity as signatories to the CBD and members of the group of biologically “mega-diverse” countries, are demanding that the agreement establish regulations that clearly specify the terms of access to genetic resources and the population’s traditional knowledge, and in which proper economic consideration, conservation, and development act as guiding principles.
Colombia, US to resume talks in January
Stalled U.S.-Colombia free-trade talks will resume next month, Colombia’s trade minister said Monday.
US economic and security interests enhanced by moral trade agreements
The chairman of the bishops’ International Policy Committee Monday offered a Catholic perspective on a pending free trade agreement, suggesting that the United States and several Andean nations could simultaneously promote human dignity and fair and sustainable development.
CRS Report for Congress: Andean-US FTA negotiations
Given that CAFTA-DR passed only by a small margin, it is unclear how much support the U.S.-Andean FTA will have.
US, Andean nations narrow differences on IP in trade talks
Andean countries in late November narrowed differences with the United States over intellectual property protections in negotiations over a US-Andean bilateral free trade agreement, but divisions over market access for agriculture have likely delayed a final agreement until next year, at least for Colombia and Ecuador.
Bush reaches out to Democrats on trade
President Bush is starting to embrace a different political strategy for getting trade agreements through Congress: bipartisanship.
Farmers fight FTA in Ecuador
Representatives of farmer organizations from Andean nations began a meeting in this capital on Monday to define actions and strategies to fight the free trade area with the United States (FTA).
Andean Nations seek US patent protection for native medicines
Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are turning the tables on U.S. trade negotiators accustomed to winning tough safeguards for drug patents by demanding similar protections for traditional therapies such as roots and leaves.
Democrats and labor leaders balk at lack of workers rights under CAFTA
Democratic members of Congress and labor leaders say they want the Bush administration to move away from CAFTA’s failed trade model or face another tough battle in Congress.
It’s US or us for Andean Pact partners says Venezuelan Trade Minister
An apparently chance remark by a junior trade minister appears to have put Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Alí Rodríguez Araque on something of a spot.
Venezuela to revise undertakings with countries signatories of FTA
Minister of Integration and Foreign Trade Gustavo Márquez declared Tuesday that in the event that the parties to the Andean Community decide to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States, Venezuela will have to revise trade arrangements with those nations.
Free trade isn’t free of partisan politics
Bitter partisanship is putting the United States’ trade agenda in the Americas in serious jeopardy.
Disagreement over data protection holding up US-Andean FTA
Ecuador’s opposition to US demands on access to test data for clinical drug trials has emerged as a primary obstacle in the ongoing free trade agreement (FTA) talks between the US and a group of three Andean countries.
The price of going to market
Last year was the tenth anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and nearly all evaluations of the agreement conceded that the period showed negligible or negative results for Mexico. As the developing country partner of the agreement, Mexico’s experience under NAFTA has major implications for other developing nations negotiating FTA’s, particularly with the United States.