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High price to host, protect APEC ’07
Hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum in 2007 will cost Australia $216.3 million.
Labour: The spread of bilateral trade agreements
This report looks at major Customs Unions, Free Trade Areas, and economic association agreements around the world, with particular attention to any clauses covering social issues, core labour standards and trade union participation.
EIU: Free-trade free-for-all
If proof were needed that an Asian free-trade "arms race" has begun in earnest, then the 10th ASEAN summit in Vientiane on November 29th-30th provided it in abundance. The highlight of the summit was the signing of an FTA between China and ASEAN, but equally striking was the number of other trade pacts that were, variously, agreed, worked on or proposed during the meeting in the Lao capital.
A serendipitous exception in FTAs
At the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Chile last weekend, leaders discussed economic issues, especially trade. Singapore and Peru, for example, agreed to initiate talks for a free trade agreement.
APEC leaders duck free-trade plan
Asia-Pacific leaders have ducked a call from business advisors to study an ambitious FTA among APEC members.
Apec FTA proposal raising interest
A proposal for an Asia-Pacific free trade agreement is attracting significant interest at a ministerial-level meeting of member countries in Santiago, Chile, NZ Trade Negotiations Minister Jim Sutton said today.
Chile wants study of RTAs and FTAs within Asia-Pacific
Chile wants a study of regional trading arrangements (RTAs) and free trade agreements (FTAs) within the Asia Pacific region, and this is likely to be discussed by the leaders at the forthcoming APEC Summit in Santiago.
ABAC: Assessment of the Proposal for an FTAAP
An Issues Paper for the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC)
Taiwan: FTA push moves into high gear
Taiwan is struggling to find ways of making free trade agreements (FTAs) with its trading partners, even as China and ASEAN are set to sign two landmark agreements this month establishing the world’s largest Free Trade Area, which is scheduled to come into being by 2010.
APEC might form unilateral FTA: Official
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation member countries are displaying a growing tendency in favor of establishing a unilateral free trade agreement in the vast region, according to a senior official at the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.
Trade deals must embrace APEC
Asia-Pacific free trade has to be front and centre of any bilateral trade deals struck in the region, a key American business leader says.
APEC meet urges FTA
Finance Ministers from the 21 members of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) explored a wide free trade agreement on Thursday at a conference in Chile.
FTA with US: Thai investors ’set to reap big benefits’
The upcoming Thai-US free-trade agreement will benefit Thai investors as further business opportunities open up in a vast market which imports goods and services worth about US$1.5 trillion (Bt60 trillion) annually.
Analysis: U.S. Seizing Initiative in Pushing Trade Liberalization
Writing in the Financial Times (Sept. 22, 2003) after the collapse of the fifth WTO Ministerial Conference, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick lamented the “broader culture of protest” that characterized negotiations at Cancun, correctly (if sarcastically) noting that “countries that feel victimized are unlikely to agree to anything.”