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TPP briefings to be held on APEC sidelines
Japan, China, Canada and the Philippines will be briefed on progress in the ongoing talks to expand the four-member Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum meetings on 9 November in Yokohama.
APEC business leaders hope for creation of regional free-trade zone
A business advisory body to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum called on APEC leaders Thursday to recommit themselves to create a region-wide free trade zone, saying it is the "most practical means" to realize trade liberalization.
Regional trade pacts take Pacific spotlight ahead of APEC summit
In less than two months, Pacific Rim countries are expected to present a clear picture on how they will pursue their long-term vision of creating a regionwide free-trade zone.
Asia Pacific ministers claim progress in free trade goals
Ministers from the Asia Pacific nations said on Sunday they had made "significant progress" toward free-trade goals set in 1994 as they closed a two-day APEC meeting in Japan.
Business leaders to step up push for Asia-Pacific free trade area
APEC’s business lobby, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Advisory Council, will urge 21 government leaders to set a timetable for the creation of a regional free trade area later this year
Free trade high on APEC agenda
Senior officials from Pacific Rim economies will agree on the need for a free-trade zone in the region when they meet in Hiroshima on Monday and Tuesday, according to a draft of the agenda.
Free-trade pacts ignore labor
Recruitment agencies caution the Philippine government in signing free-trade agreements with developed countries because they will only result in further job losses for local workers
US wants Japan, Malaysia, South Korea to join talks
The US wants Japan, Malaysia and South Korea to join negotiations for a regional free-trade agreement in Asia, Trade Representative Ron Kirk said.
APEC free trade a key issue under Japan’s leadership
The Japanese government said Wednesday it will accelerate efforts to get Pacific Rim economies to create a free-trade area during a series of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum meetings next year
Regional integration is a pipe dream
Those who favour a big push for regional integration in Asia now have their day in the sun. They say that the global economic crisis has accelerated the decline of America and the rise of China, India and other emerging powers. Power is shifting inexorably from the West to Asia.
APEC to assign Japan to develop proposals for Asia Pacific FTA
Leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum will set Japan, the next APEC chair, the task of identifying ways for the 21-member grouping to create a free trade bloc in the future, according to a draft statement they are expected to issue at their Nov. 14 to 15 summit in Singapore.
Asia-Pacific Business Chambers Want TPP Negotiations Top On APEC Agenda
Four Singapore-based Asia-Pacific business chambers today urged their governments to place the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations at the top of their trade policy agendas in the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting here early next month.
Asia-Pacific businesses losing interest in Doha
Businesses are becoming less interested in the World Trade Organization’s attempts to forge a global deal as long-standing talks have yet to yield results, a private sector group affiliated with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation warned late last week.
Leaders press for Asia Pacific free trade area
It is time for APEC to take more concrete actions towards establishing a Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP) in view of the financial crisis and the stalled Doha Round negotiations, says the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC).
After APEC, free trade orthodoxy questioned
Leaders of 21 nations that represent half the global economy fear a raft of new protectionist barriers will strangle commerce as the world slides into a frightening recession. There are growing signs that developing countries will erect protectionist barriers to weather the crisis, partly because they have seen that time after time, "free trade" agreements have focused chiefly on beating rivals to market.
APEC leaders to push trade as way out of crisis
The United States, China, Japan and some emerging economy heavyweights will push for quick action on free trade deals at a summit meeting this weekend as an antidote to a looming recession in much of the world.
Lima under lockdown for Asia-Pacific summit
Top officials from the Pacific rim were arriving Tuesday for free-trade talks in Peru’s capital Lima, which was under a security lockdown for US President George W. Bush’s last scheduled foreign trip.
APEC November meeting to discuss free-trade accord, Peru says
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum will study a proposed European Union-style free-trade agreement at a November meeting in Lima, Peru’s government said today.
Peru: APEC, ‘free trade’ and Australia’s mining agenda
On November 22 this year, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders’ meeting will convene in Lima, Peru. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and a suit team will be there, pushing for greater trade “liberalisation” on behalf of Australian industrial guilds like the Minerals Council of Australia.
APEC in Peru to prepare FTA for Asia-Pacific region
The Peruvian Foreign Trade Ministry said Tuesday that representatives of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Peru will discuss the signing of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) for the Asia-Pacific Region.