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Residents in Panama protest privatization of canal zone as US trade deal nears
next week, a trade deal with Panama will go into effect. Anti-corruption advocates have criticized Panama for providing tax havens for wealthy corporations and its policies have drawn protest from within the country. This week, residents of Colon are under a curfew after protesters hit the streets in response to the government’s plan to privatize land.
Critics decry secrecy, corporate access to Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations
Interview with Ben Beachy, research director with Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, conducted by Scott Harris
Permanent People’s Tribunal will session in Mexico
“Free trade, dirty war, impunity and peoples rights” is the title of the new national chapter of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT) that aims to expose “structural violence” in Mexico as a result of the implementation of free trade agreements.
NGOs warn against corporate influence on trade talks
The 11th round of negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP begins in Melbourne, on Thursday. Civil society groups are warning against allowing corporate influence, to drive the talks with outcomes that may disadvantage the poor and vulnerable in those nations. Interview with Patricia Ranald of AFTINET.
Free trade deal in Asia Pacific could hit labor, environment, public health
This week activists in Southern California are drawing attention to what they call secret negotiations taking place for a free trade deal shaping up in the Asia Pacific region.
Harper’s attempt to quietly sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union
An audio report from a protest against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in Quebec City
Canada-EU trade agreement a threat to family farms
Terry Boehm, president of Canada’s National Farmers Union, says this agreement is not about trade, it’s about a fundamental restructuring of the role of governments and their ability to act in the public’s interest.
Jordan firm accused of sexual abuse supplied clothes to Sears, Target and others
Since 2007, at least 300 young female employees have been raped and brutalized by Classic managers while sewing clothes for giant retailers, including Hanes, Target, Sears, Macy’s and Land’s End. These garments enter the US duty-free under the US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement.
A critical look at pending free trade agreements
We sift through the facts and myths of free trade agreements with Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas Program of the Center for International Policy and a columnist for Foreign Policy in Focus.
The Activist Beat
On Labor Day, 500 activists took to the streets of Chicago to speak out against the US free trade agreement with Pacific Rim countries, including Peru, Chile, and Vietnam. Advocates from labor, environmental, public health, and consumer rights groups took part to demand a “Fair Deal or No Deal.”
Pacific’s Chief Trade Advisor resigns with a warning for Australia
The Pacific’s Chief Trade Advisor has resigned with a warning that unless Australia and New Zealand act soon to put something of value on the table for the PACER plus trade negotiations, the talks risk falling over.
Hundreds gather outside the White House to protest the Colombia free trade agreement
Hundreds gathered outside the White House on Monday to protest the Colombia free trade agreement, which they say will kill jobs here, and threaten communities in Colombia.
No strings needed on funding for OCTA - NGOs
A number of Australian non government organisation say they are concerned that Australia and New Zealand want to limit the activities of the Pacific-led trade advisory body, the Office of Chief Trade Adviser — also known as OCTA.
Colombian free trade deal ignores violence, faces Colombian resistance
Congress is poised to ratify a Free Trade Agreement with Colombia in spite of vehement opposition both here in the US and in Colombia.
India-EU FTA carries severe public health consequences
After four years of talks, India and the European Union are narrowing down their differences on a bilateral Free Trade Agreement that critics in India and elsewhere say could have a devastating impact on public health by hampering access to life-saving drugs for millions of people.
Firsthand look at FTA’s
A group of farmers and ranchers from the US’s largest farm organization will be heading to South and Central America to show support for pending free trade agreements with Colombia and Panama.
Free trade deal with Europe threatens Canadian autonomy
Stuart Trew tells Redeye that Canadians have a lot to lose if the government signs a free trade agreement with Europe.
Ghana to sign interim EPA agreement with EU
Ghana will go ahead and sign an Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (IEPA) with the European Union this year following the lack of progress at the ECOWAS level.
Maroc : accord de libéralisation
Après le statut avancé, le Maroc vient de signer un accord de libéralisation dans le domaine de la pêche et des produits agricoles avec l’Union européenne.
"No Ordinary Deal" book launch & PM response
On Wednesday 10 November a group of academics, media and politicos gathered at Victoria University’s Rutherford House to launch a remarkable book about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The complete audio from the launch is contained in this report.