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Spain responds positively to Cambodia’s investment pitch
Spanish Secretary of State for Trade Ms. Maria Amparo Lopez Senovilla responds positively to Cambodia’s ‘door-knocking’ mission to bring in more investments from Europe.
RCEP members encouraged to harmonize rules
Members of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership can further improve the alignment of operational guidelines across key sectors such as competition policy and trade in services to elevate mutual openness, said trade experts and foreign scholars on Sunday.
UAE’s Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with Cambodia enters into force
The agreement will do so through the removal or reduction of tariffs on more than 92% of product lines, eliminating unnecessary barriers to trade, and improving market access for service exports
Cambodia-India bilateral trade treaty talks near end
Cambodia and India are finalising negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty to streamline trade between the countries.
Cambodia, UAE sign off on economic partnership
Cambodia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have signed a bilateral Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.
UAE signs bilateral trade deal with Cambodia
The agreement with Cambodia will reduce or remove tariffs, eliminate barriers to trade and create new avenues for strategic investment.
Cambodia, Vietnam sign trade agreement
Cambodia and Vietnam have signed an agreement to promote bilateral trade for 2023-2024, noting that it is an important mechanism that will promote and enhance bilateral cooperation in all sectors.
UAE strikes economic partnership agreement with Cambodia to enhance global ties
The UAE and Cambodia have finalized the terms for a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) as the Gulf state seeks to enhance its global trade and commerce ties to fulfill its new foreign trade agenda.
Cambodia, UAE conclude talks on trade pact
The announcement comes after three rounds of formal negotiations. No official date has been given for the signing of the deal.
Formal close of UAE CEPA talks set for March
The three rounds of formal negotiations were respectively held on October 24-25 in Abu Dhabi, December 19-21 in Phnom Penh, and February 20-22 in Dubai.
Cambodia aims at more FTAs to boost economic growth
The government is considering the establishment of more bilateral free trade agreements to access broader markets for Cambodia-made products.
CAM-UAE CEPA all set to be finalised in Dubai
The inter-ministerial negotiation teams for the Cambodia-United Arab Emirates Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement are expected to finalise the free trade pact during the third round of the bilateral negotiation to be held this month in Dubai
Cambodia looks at FTA possibility with Switzerland
Cambodia, which successfully entered into several free trade agreements (FTA) last year, is looking at the prospect of having a similar partnership with Switzerland.
RCEP unlikely to lift Cambodia-Indonesia textile trade
The trade ties between Indonesia, which became the latest member to join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), and Cambodia are expected to go up, but the textile sector in both countries is unlikely to benefit from the agreement, according to some experts.
UAE delegation in capital to hammer out trade pact
A second round of formal negotiations for the Cambodia-United Arab Emirates Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CAM-UAE CEPA) is being held in Phnom Penh.
Cambodia-Korea FTA comes into force today
The Cambodia-Korea Free Trade Agreement comes into force and will be used by two parties to encourage more investors from The Republic of South Korea to invest in the Kingdom and export products to the Korean counterpart and third countries.
Second round of UAE CEPA talks Dec 19-21
Cambodia is set to host the second round of formal talks on the bilateral Cambodia-United Arab Emirates Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, with the deal expected to have substantial positive effects on the Kingdom’s trade with the Middle East.
UAE trade deal talks may finish 2023
Formal talks on the Cambodia-United Arab Emirates (UAE) CEPA will likely be completed by 2023, according to a senior commerce ministry official.
Cambodia, UAE launch CEPA talks Oct 24
Cambodia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are slated to sign a declaration of the launch of formal negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) on October 24, paving the way for a boost in bilateral trade and investment.
FTA benefits debated at nat’l forum
While government officials have said that FTAs are important to attract investors to the country, some civil society organisations voiced concerns at the forum that the deals did not appear to be of any benefit to smallholder farmers.