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Spain responds positively to Cambodia’s investment pitch

Khmer Times - 11 June 2024

Spain responds positively to Cambodia’s investment pitch

Spanish Secretary of State for Trade Ms. Maria Amparo Lopez Senovilla responds positively to Cambodia’s ‘door-knocking’ mission to bring in more investments from Europe.

Sun Chanthol, Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister and First Vice President of the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) received a positive response when leading a delegation to meet with the Spanish secretary of state on June 10 in Spain during his door-knocking trip to Europe.

The deputy prime minister briefed the Spanish team on investment potentials, political and macroeconomic stability, the young workforce, and the government’s favourable support for investment in Cambodia.

He also highlighted the interconnectedness of Cambodia’s logistics and transport infrastructure and the country’s readiness for the formulation of a bilateral investment treaty with countries interested.

Ms. Maria Amparo Lopez Senovilla warmly welcomed the visit of Sun Chanthol and his delegation, and unveiled her team’s interest in investment in a range of areas, including renewable energy, tourism, transport infrastructure, and wastewater treatment facilities.

 source: Khmer Times