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Chile-China FTA (2006)
Chile deal ’a model’ for other free trade agreements
The Rudd Government says its first successful free trade agreement reveals the tests it will apply to all bilateral trade negotiations as it switches the emphasis of trade policy back to multilateral free trade talks.
Australia, Chile signs free trade pact
Austalia and Chile have concluded negotiations for a free trade agreement, with Australia’s mining sector being a major beneficiary.
Turkey eyes Mercosur trade talks this year - Kayalar
Turkey aims to start negotiations this year over a free-trade agreement with Mercosur, the South American trade bloc, Turkish Foreign Trade Undersecretary Tuncer Kayalar says
Chile extends a warm hand, offers FTA with India
Even as the Brazilian Parliament is yet to ratify the India-Mercusor Preferential Trade Agreement signed by its President Lula in 2004, another South American country, Chile, has thrown a surprise on Tuesday, suggesting that it was willing to upgrade its Preferential Trade Agreement with India, signed in 2006, to the level of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Chile moots FTA, India apprehensive
Chile on Tuesday offered a platform for India to access Latin American markets but New Delhi appeared not forthcoming on a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Vietnam, Chile eye free trade agreement
Vietnam and Chile have established a joint mission to study the feasibility of a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).
China, Chile sign services free-trade pact
China and Chile signed an agreement on free trade in services on Sunday, following talks between the two presidents. The two nations committed themselves to opening up their service sectors in accordance with World Trade Organization rules, under a supplementary agreement to their formal free-trade pact signed in 2005.
China, Chile continue talks on service trade
Chile and China started their sixth round of talks on cooperation in the service trade Tuesday in the Chilean capital of Santiago.
ITC launches new investigation on possible modification to the US-Chile FTA rules of origin
The investigation, Probable Economic Effect of Certain Modifications to the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement Rules of Origin, was requested by the US Trade Representative (USTR)
Panama and Chile to start free trade
Panama and Chile will implement a bilateral free trade agreement on March 7, signed by both countries, the Panamanian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday.
US working on new Pacific trade accord, people say
The Bush administration is preparing to negotiate an agreement linking the US, Chile, Singapore, Brunei and New Zealand in a Pacific-region accord to reduce barriers to trade and foreign investment, according to lobbyists briefed by the US trade office.
Ambassador confirms US trade threat to Chile in runup to Iraq war
Current Chilean Ambassador to the United Nations, Heraldo Muñoz, confirmed Wednesday that, in the run up to the Iraq war, the US government made clear to Chile that it risked jeopardizing the Free-Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries if it did not support a second resolution in the UN Security Council favoring the US invasion of Iraq.
Chile-Japan trade accord signed
Chile is the first South American country to reach a free-trade accord with Japan
Chilean legislature approves free trade agreement with Japan
The Chilean legislature late Tuesday approved a free trade agreement with Japan that will likely be signed into law when President Michelle Bachelet’s visits Tokyo in September.
Chile free trade agreement will not cost Aust jobs, Truss says
The peak stonerfruit body, Summerfruit Australia, says cheap fruit and vegetable imports due to an Australia-Chila free trade agreement could wipe out 5,000 jobs.
Orchardists oppose Chile free trade plans
Australian orchardists say thousands of jobs and millions of dollars could be lost if the Federal Government signs a free trade agreement with Chile.
Govt goes ahead with Chile free trade deal
Australia and Chile will go ahead with the drafting of a bilateral trade deal.
Chile, Canada expand free trade pact
Canada and Chile marked the 10th anniversary of their free trade agreement Tuesday, vowing to expand the accord to financial services and other areas.
Chile keen on free trade pact
Chile and India, which signed a preferential trade agreement (PTA) in March last year, could go in for a free trade agreement in the future. The PTA is applicable to only 300 products in each country.