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Poisonous articles on IPR chapter in Korea-US FTA (eg. shutting down internet sites)
We are very worried about the Korea-US FTA’s IPR chapter and its confirmation letters. They have very dangerous things which the former US FTA didn’t have. If this Korea US FTA is passed, then the US will request other countries to include these things in the following FTA.
Korean culture industry feels the FTA
The nation’s culture industry is gearing up for the repercussions of the free trade agreement (FTA) signed with the United States, and each sector is preparing damage control for possible side effects from the pact.
Anti-FTA protests continue amid last round of FTA talks
Protests continued in Seoul on Monday as negotiators from South Korea and the United States began their final round of talks, hoping to seal a free trade agreement (FTA), organizers and police said.
Roh says FTA won’t result in Americanization of Korean society
In an interview with domestic Internet media, the president said an FTA between Seoul and Washington will not lead to the Americanization or polarization of Korean society.
Rafidah: Distributive trade guidelines an issue with the US
Malaysia’s controversial guidelines on foreign participation in the distributive trade sector are one of 58 outstanding issue in the ongoing free trade talks with the United States.
Free trade: Losing the right to grow food
This second of two installments on Korea focuses on the perceived impact to Korea’s agricultural sector posed by a looming free trade agreement with the United States. Mark Winne explores food sovereignty and the culture of food in Korea and the priveleged role that rice has in the society. Should cost and price be the sole determinants of trade policy or should other variables such as the culture of food be considered in trade policy formulation?
S. Korean artists oppose talks with US for free trade deal
Dozens of South Korean artists took to the streets Friday to oppose a free trade deal with the United States, adding their voice to protests just days before the trade talks were to resume.
Seoul pledges more screen quota cut
The Korean government has pledged behind-the-scenes to accept US demands for reducing the screen quota to remove obstacles to free trade agreement (FTA) talks, according to a ministry memo obtained by The Korea Times. "Our position for the future is that Korea will by all means keep its promise to the US to maintain the reduced screening quota (or further curtail it). It is a promise between the two countries," said the memo.
US makes proposal on FTA screen quota issue: sources
With the fourth round of talks underway for a proposed free trade agreement (FTA), the US has reportedly made a proposal regarding protections currently in place on the South Korean film industry.
Korean filmmakers take center stage to bash trade talks
Fresh from acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival for creating a South Korean "Jaws," the director Bong Joon Ho staged a lone protest outside the Culture Ministry in Seoul, shouting slogans and raising a red placard.
US wants Korea to throw broadcasting open wide
The US wants Korea to open 11 service sectors including broadcasting and telecommunications, home delivery, legal and accounting services. In a third round of bilateral free-trade negotiations, the service sector is tipped to be the main stumbling block since Seoul has a mind to give in to few US demands except letting some US law firms operate here and some others.
Screen quota reduction to begin July 1
Starting July 1, South Korea will reduce the quota for the number of days domestic movies must be screened in local theaters. The move follows a requirement from Washington that the quota be reduced in order to begin free trade negotiations with Seoul.
Interview: Protect Korean cinema
"The fight to save the Korean screen quota isn’t only for the benefit of the Koreans, but it is also for the global cultural movement."
Koreans, French fight Hollywood domination
Films from South Korea may not be as prominently featured in the program of the 59th Cannes Film Festival as in recent years, yet Korean cinema is garnering attention, thanks to the struggle by industry people to defend the screen quota system.
S Korean actors to protest FTA with US in Cannes
A group of South Korean movie workers left for France Monday to protest at the Cannes film festival against South Korea’s plan to sign a free trade pact with the United States, representatives of the group said.
Choeng Wa Dae remarks on FTA are only a start
President Roh Moo-hyun’s public relations secretary Lee Baek-man has rejected criticism from circles close to the government that a planned free-trade agreement with the US would amount to selling out the nation.
US FTA set to impact entertainment industry
Korean culture and entertainment industries will suffer considerable damage from a Korea-US free trade agreement (FTA), a local think tank warned Friday.
All-night rally to protest screen quota begins
Members of the local film industry and civil activists began in Seoul Monday a 146 day all-night rally in protest to the government’s decision to halve the screen quota system.
Cabinet endorses plan to halve screen quota
A controversial plan reducing the country’s screen quota by half has been approved by the government amid fierce protests from the film industry.
Free trade agreement - time to criticise big brother
What message does it send to the world when we unquestioningly enter into an agreement with a country who seeks to change the rules of the international game in order to win?