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After NAFTA fight, Trump threatens another trade battle with Central America
Now that the Trump administration has revamped the North American Free Trade Agreement, it is taking a look at kicking key countries out of its sister pact, the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
Dominica wants Europe to lift Schengen visa requirement to stimulate trade
Dominica is pursuing efforts to get the European Union (EU) to remove the visa requirements for Dominican nationals travelling to Europe, saying that it is important to stimulate trade under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed with Europe five years ago.
Dominica to sign EU trade agreement, avoid tariffs
Dominica says it will sign a trade agreement with the European Union despite opposition from other Caribbean leaders.
ALBA seen as a historical milestone in Caribbean-Latin America relations
Antiguan Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer, along with the Prime Ministers of Dominica and St. Vincent, on the weekend signed onto the Alba, a new free trade agreement from Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.