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Egypt, EFTA to sign free trade agreement Saturday
A free trade agreement is scheduled to be signed between Egypt and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) on Saturday in Davos.
UAE and Egypt aim to increase trade
"We do not need a free trade agreement with the UAE as there is already the Pan-Arab Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA), which we will implement," Prime Minister Dr Nadeef said. PAFTA is an agreement to establish a pan-Arab free trade area by 2008.
Egypt will be ready for free trade with Europe in three years
Egypt will be ready to create free trade area with Europe in three years, announced prime minister Ahmed Nazif. The Arab country already has a tariff preference agreement with the EU, but it does not include all products traded.
Singapore and Egypt to start negotiating free trade pact
Singapore and Egypt have signed a Declaration of Intent to start negotiations on the Egypt-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA).
Egypt, European trade group agree on free trade zone
Egypt and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) have agreed to establish a free trade zone between the two sides, Egypt’s news agency MENA reported on Wednesday.
Africa: Arbitration nation
A number of African governments have made efforts to encourage investment in the continent by entering into bilateral investment treaties and adopting arbitration legislation.
Up from Down Under
As Egypt continues to grow at a near-unprecedented rate, Australia is looking to claim its share of the most vibrant and diverse economy in the region. Relations between the two countries go back decades, but Australian trade officials admit ties still need work as they eye opportunities in Egypt’s strategic location, large local market and lucrative free-trade agreements (FTAs) - including the EU-Egypt Association Agreement - that open the door to even larger markets.
EU and Egypt fail to unblock association deal
Egypt and the European Union failed to wrap up a "neighbourhood action plan" because of differences over human rights in Egypt and nuclear weapons in the Middle East, an EU official said yesterday.
Egypt ups trade ante
The World Economic Forum on the Middle East concluded in Egypt last month with the drawing up of a list of objectives aimed at driving the growth of the regional economy. In the wake of these talks one thing is clear; business in many sectors is booming and Egypt’s manufacturing industry is reaping the rewards of the Arab Free Trade Agreement (AFTA).
RI envisions free trade among D-8 member countries
After breaking the ice by launching the preferential trade agreement among Developing Eight (D-8) countries, Indonesian Trade Minister Mari E. Pangestu envisions that the agreement would lead to a free trade arrangement for member countries in less than 15 years.
Morocco, Egypt to strengthen trade ties
Despite a free trade agreement between Morocco and Egypt, entered in force in 1999, trade exchanges remain meager between the two.
Free trade, minus the warmth and the longing
In Egypt, just because a couple is engaged doesn’t mean they’ll get married.
FTA... at what cost?
At a recent AmCham gathering, discussions with a US congressional staffer made clear that if FTA negotiations were not launched soon, Egypt would have to wait until at least 2010.
When the time is right
"The time is not right." US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez’s terse statement summed up his answers to repeated questions as to why negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) between Egypt and the US appear to have been abandoned.
Egypt against conditional deals
An Egyptian official yesterday said that the timing of signing a free trade agreement (FTA) "wasn’t appropriate from the Egyptian and US points of view".
Cairo angered by US trade talks freeze
Rachid Mohamed Rachid, Egypt’s trade and industry minister, criticised Washington yesterday for mixing business with politics in its decision to freeze negotiations on a free trade agreement.
Rice: Timing off for free trade with Egypt
The United States will not seek a free trade agreement with Egypt this year because the "timing" is not right, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said.
Time not right for US-Egypt trade pact: Rice
The time is not right for the United States and Egypt to begin negotiations on a free- trade agreement, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview on Friday with Arab media.
Freedom isn’t free
Disarray on the political side of the house casts the side of free-trade talks with the United States into question.
No US-ME free trade talks this year but with Egypt
According to US Trade Representative for Europe and the Middle East Shaun Donnelly, the only Arab country under consideration for beginning FTA talks before the summer of 2007 is Egypt.