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Egypt against conditional deals
An Egyptian official yesterday said that the timing of signing a free trade agreement (FTA) "wasn’t appropriate from the Egyptian and US points of view".
Cairo angered by US trade talks freeze
Rachid Mohamed Rachid, Egypt’s trade and industry minister, criticised Washington yesterday for mixing business with politics in its decision to freeze negotiations on a free trade agreement.
Rice: Timing off for free trade with Egypt
The United States will not seek a free trade agreement with Egypt this year because the "timing" is not right, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said.
Time not right for US-Egypt trade pact: Rice
The time is not right for the United States and Egypt to begin negotiations on a free- trade agreement, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview on Friday with Arab media.
Freedom isn’t free
Disarray on the political side of the house casts the side of free-trade talks with the United States into question.
No US-ME free trade talks this year but with Egypt
According to US Trade Representative for Europe and the Middle East Shaun Donnelly, the only Arab country under consideration for beginning FTA talks before the summer of 2007 is Egypt.
Trading diplomacy
This week the issue of a potential US- Egyptian free trade agreement (FTA) emerged back in the spotlight. Reports coming from Washington suggest that the Bush administration has once again put on hold Egypt’s long aspired to dreams of a bilateral FTA.
US signs trade pact with Oman, keeps Egypt on hold
The United States signed a free-trade agreement on Thursday with Oman, a moderate Gulf state and ally in the US war on terrorism, while keeping trade talks with Egypt on hold amid concerns over its commitment to democracy.
Egypt-US free trade deal at risk: US official
Egypt risks missing its chance to clinch a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States if talks do not kick off in the coming weeks, an official with the US Congress said.
USTR mulls FTA talks with Egypt, S Korea, Malaysia, Swiss
The Bush administration is considering free-trade negotiations with Egypt, South Korea, Malaysia, and Switzerland, the US Trade Representative’s top agriculture trade negotiator said Monday.
PhRMA statement on US-Egypt free trade agreement
PhRMA believes that a strong FTA is in the interests of Egyptian patients as well as the business community.
At last, a done deal
Days before 2005 closed, Egypt and Turkey finally signed a free trade agreement (FTA) the negotiations of which began in 1997.
Rachid strikes trade deal with Turkey
A high-powered Turkish delegation, headed by President Ahmed Necdet Sezer, arrived in Cairo last month to sign a free-trade deal with Egypt in what an editorial in the Turkish Daily News said could be a “turning point in relations between two regional powers.”
Industries eye qiz option
When representatives of Egypt, Israel and the US met in Cairo last December, they signed a historic agreement that more or less linked Egypt’s industrial success to its willingness to cooperate with its traditional foe, Israel.
Turkey and Egypt sign Free Trade Agreement
Both countries are currently committed to the Barcelona process and plan to join the Mediterranean free trade region by 2010. The process envisages the foundation of a free trade region consisting of 25 European Union and 10 Mediterranean countries, including Turkey and Egypt.
Egypt and Turkey to sign free trade agreement
Egyptian Minister of Foreign Trade and Industry, Rasheed Mohammed Rasheed, said a free trade agreement will be signed by Egypt and Turkey during next week’s visit of Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer to Cairo.
FTA deal ’will help Egyptian investors’
Deputy Chief Executive of the Economic Development Board (EDB) Dr Zakaria Hijris has urged the Egyptian private sector to benefit from the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Bahrain and the US.
US ’Big Brother’ attitude in FTAs draws criticism
Arabs attending a conference in Bahrain blasted yesterday Washington’s "Big Brother" attitude in bilateral Free Trade Agreements, saying they are political tools to serve US interests rather than enhance economic prosperity in the region.
US designates new Qualifying Industrial Zone in Egypt
United States trade representative Rob Portman designated on Monday a new Qualifying Industrial Zone (QIZ) in Egypt and approved the expansion of two existing zones.
Egypt, Israel enhance US free trade accord
Egypt and Israel have agreed to expand the scope of an agreement which allows Egypt to export products containing a quota of Israeli components to the United States free of customs duties.