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Impact Assessment of CETA IPR chapter
CETA IPR chapter will likely have a slight positive effect on specific industries in the EU, such as agri-food companies using geographical indications. It would also benefit the Canadian publishing industry and the innovative pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, an IPR chapter in CETA could lead to notable negative effects in Canada, for example via higher prices on educational and pharmaceutical products.
Put a hold on FTAs unfavourable to us
The Malaysian government last week negotiated free trade agreements (FTAs) with the United States of America (via the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement or TPP) and the European Union (EU).
L’Europe approuve un vaste accord de libre-échange avec la Corée du Sud
L’Union européenne a donné jeudi son feu vert à un accord de libre-échange d’une ampleur sans précédent avec la Corée du Sud, l’Italie ayant levé un veto qu’elle brandissait du fait d’inquiétudes pour son industrie automobile, a annoncé la présidence belge de l’UE.
Free Trade Deal To Boost Irish Exports To Asia
A landmark Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed this week in Brussels will boost Irish exports to Asia, according to the Minister for Trade and Commerce, Billy Kelleher TD.
EU trade chief to visit India
The European Commissioner for Trade, Karel De Gucht, is due to travel to Singapore to launch negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA) and to Delhi "to inject new momentum into the ongoing FTA negotiations"
Africa-Europe - What alternatives?
European and African civil society organizations will meet in Lisbon on 8 to 9 December, in parallel with European Union / African Union Summit.
APEC leaders duck free-trade plan
Asia-Pacific leaders have ducked a call from business advisors to study an ambitious FTA among APEC members.
Asia led new FTAs concluded in 2003
Amid the delay in DDA [Doha Development Agenda] negotiations, in 2003 FTA movement by major nations, in particular was very brisk. As for newly concluded FTAs in 2003, Asia let the world with seven agreements, followed by America region with six. Meanwhile, FTAs were under negotiation in America (17), Asia (12), Europe (12) and Oceania (4).