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Ghana: Don’t sign Economic Partnership Agreement - Coalition urges gov’t
A coalition of civil society organisations, farmer-based groups, religious organisations and labour unions have asked President John Mahama to show commitment to encouraging the productive capacity of Ghanaians by not signing the Economic Partnership Agreement.
Civil society groups intensify opposition to EPAs
Economic Justice Network, a body comprising the Christian Council, Trade Union Congress and other civil society groups will next week petition President John Mahama to not sign the Economic Partnership Agreement.
Ghana stands to lose US$88m revenue annually under EPA with EU says consultant
Ghana will lose on average of about US$88.575 million annually if it signs onto the Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union, says consultant Osman Mensah.
Ghana to finalise decision on EPA by end of October
The Government of Ghana will by end of October this year declare its stance on the European Union-Economic Partnership Agreement (EU- EPA) with barely three years down the line for the deadline of negotiation.
Ghana: Gov’t to engage stakeholders before signing EPA
Ghana now has 15 months to sign the full Agreement. This is after the EU reviewed the deadline from 2016 to October next year.
President Mahama wants better EPA deal for ACP countries
President John Dramani Mahama has described as unfortunate, the deadlines set for the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA), explaining that it will adversely impact the economies and trade systems of other nations.
World Bank urges Africa to reject EPAs with EU
The World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa, Shantayanan Devarajan has added his voice to the call on African countries to reject the Economic Partnership Agreements that the European Union is currently trying to force on them.
Show commitment towards ECOWAS integration -Minister
Trade and Industry Minister, Ms Hannah Tetteh has called all stakeholders in the West African sub-region to show extra commitment to the integration agenda and the implementation of various ECOWAS protocols.
Be Wary of Economic Partnership Agreements - Hormeku
Mr Tetteh Hormeku, Head of Programmes, Third World Network - Ghana, has urged African governments to be wary of the European Union’s agenda to perpetuate and deepen liberalization through the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).
CSOs ambush Hannah Tetteh over EPA loose talk
The Hannah Tetteh-led Ministry of Trade and Industry is pushing Ghana to sign up the ever-controversial Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the 27-member European Union (EU).
Don’t sell Africa back into slavery
Europe has been knocking at the door of Africa in the last decade for Africa leaders to sign the so called Economic partnership Agreement. The partnership Europe has been touting substantially means perpetually subordinating raw-material producing Africa to the economic demands of hyper-industrialized Europe. This is consistent with the euro-America design formulated and religiously pursued since the 16th century.
Trade Ministry allays fear over EPAs
There are renewed calls on the Government to call the bluff of the European Union which is threatening sanctions if Ghana fails to finalize the Economic Partnership Agreement by 2014.
Civil Society unhappy with interim EPA
The Economic Justice Network (EJN) has accused the Minister of Trade and Industry, Ms Hannah Tetteh, of stabbing ECOWAS in the back by indicating that the country can no longer linger on the idea of signing and ratifying the interim agreement on Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Civil Society Group alleges Trade Minister is rushing to sign Interim EPAS
Ghanaian workers, manufactures, faith-based groups and civil society organisations have said they are alarmed by the knowledge that the Trade and Industry Minister is allegedly pushing for the signing of the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (IEPA).
Ghana to lose $378m if country signs EPA with EU – Group
Ghana will lose $378 million if the country goes ahead to sign the Economic Partnership Agreements with the European Union, a trade activist has said citing a United Nations Economic Commission for Africa study
EPA Will Thwart Africa’s Industrialisation Efforts
The Economic Justice Network (EJN), a coalition of Ghanaian civil society organisations fighting for economic justice, has cautioned African countries involved in the negotiation of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) not to succumb to the pressure from European Union (EU) to sign the agreement as it has the potential of disintegrating African economies.
Ghana, Turkey to sign trade agreement
Ghana and Turkey will by January 2012 conclude bilateral negotiations for a free trade agreement aimed at increasing trade volumes between the two countries.
European Union’s threat on EPA is departure from spirit of partnership – Group
The West African Civil Society Platform on the Cotonou Agreement (POSCAO) on Tuesday described the European Union’s (EU) recent threat to Cotonou as a departure from the spirit of partnership.
ECOWAS-EU EPA Negotiations not Stalled -ECOWAS Official
Despite disagreements, the Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations between the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the European Union is not stalled, Dr Gbenga Obideyi, Director of Trade of ECOWAS has said.
Solo IEPA will destroy Ghanaian Businesses
Since the beginning of the year, the Trade and Industry Minister, Hon Hannah Tetteh has continued with her push for Ghana to sign and ratify the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (IEPA) that was initialled in 2007 to save small proportion of exporters whose main export destination is the European market.