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UN criticises EFTA for jeopardising the right to food
The member countries of European Free Trade Association (EFTA) are jeopardising the right to food through free trade agreements with countries of the Global South.
Peoples of Mesoamerica in defence of seeds and maize
This call for the defence of maize and all peasant seeds comes amid increasing pressure to impose the so-called UPOV laws through trade agreements and other neoliberal policies throughout the region.
An international law framework for climate-aligned investment governance
International Investment and Trade Law should be reformed for climate-aligned investment governance.
The hidden costs of the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
There are many downsides for Singaporeans that are never mentioned. For consumers, the clause on Intellectual Property Rights has been the most damaging.
India’s newly amended patent rules threaten affordable medicines in the Global South
It is no coincidence that just five days before the amendments were announced, India signed a Free Trade Agreement with the European Free Trade Association.
A matter of Mexican maize and not so free trade agreements
Free trade agreements are threatening the maize crop of Mexico.
TEPA’s IP encroachment: A new barrier to indigenous innovation
The new approach to intellectual property and investment through FTAs accepts an IP maximalist agenda of the United States Trade Representative; it threatens to upset the fine balance between public and private interests and push India away from essential innovations.
Indonesia maintains its position not to accede to UPOV 1991
Indonesia reiterated its position not to accede to the UPOV 1991 to ensure policy space to protect smallholder farmers’ seed systems and plant genetic resources.
Implications for intellectual property rights following Switzerland and India’s new free trade agreement
The FTA contains various provisions on the protection of intellectual property rights that will influence trade between Swiss and Indian companies.
Indonesia and EU discuss intellectual property in trade deal negotiations
Indonesia’s Ministry of Law and Human Rights discussed the intellectual property (IP) chapter during the 17th Round of Negotiations of the IEU-CEPA Working Group on Intellectual Property (WGIP).
Swiss trade deal: Is India changing its tune on pharma patents?
Intellectual property protection for the Swiss pharmaceutical industry has been a key sticking point in negotiations on a free trade agreement with India. Now there seems to be a breakthrough in talks after 16 years. What’s changed?
Battle for biodiversity: AfCFTA’s Intellectual Property Protocol unveiled
The African Union is finalizing the draft protocol on intellectual property rights to the agreement establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).
Thorny clause in ripening India-European Free Trade Association deal may hit generic drug industry
The clause in the draft free trade agreement text could delay access to affordable, generic versions of patented drugs in India by a minimum of six years, according to documents.
New patent rules in India-UK trade agreement will prioritise pharmaceutical profit over public health
The “TRIPS-Plus” provisions in the India-UK Agreement are a dangerous attempt to increase the power of pharmaceutical companies by placing profits before public health.
Letter: Civil society calls on UK Prime Minister to ensure UK-India free trade agreement does not threaten access to affordable medicines
MSF and over 50 UK-based civil society organisations and individuals sent this open letter to United Kingdom Prime Minister, urging him to commit that the UK-India Free Trade Agreement will not gut the public health safeguards that are in India’s intellectual property laws.
GCC inks free trade deal with South Korea
The GCC deepens economic ties with major Asian partners, signing its second FTA this year, highlighting commitment to investment and economic diversification.
Indonesia optimistic IEAEU-FTA negotiations can be completed in 2024
Indonesia is optimistic that negotiations of the Indonesia-Eurasian Economic Union Free Trade Agreement (IEAEU-FTA) can be completed in 2024 following the agreement on the Intellectual Property (IP) chapter.
Kellogg’s takes legal action against Venezuela over brand misuse
The action is rooted in the alleged violation of the 1995 Venezuela-UK Bilateral Investment Treaty, marking a significant turn in the multinational’s relationship with the South American nation.
India-UK FTA: Committee of Secretaries meet to iron out tricky parts
As both countries inch closer to signing the agreement, discussions have focused on contentious parts such as intellectual property rights (IPR), rules of origin and bilateral investment treaties (BIT)