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Rough ride for some Asean FTA talks
Asean Secretary-General Ong Keng Yong admitted Saturday that some of Asean’s free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations were difficult, and cited talks with India, Japan and South Korea as examples.
Comment: "Smug calculations" lack sincerity, analysis
Japan is craving a "return to Asia", and the kernel of its regional strategy is to "Japanize" regional policies, legal system, industrial division and financial and monetary fields. It mainly targets some ASEAN countries, at the same time avoiding Free Trade Agreement (FTA) but bending on Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
New chapter in strategic ties
Excerpts of New Straits Times interview with Japan’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Tadashi Imai.
Japan, Malaysia to sign FTA next week in Kuala Lumpur
apan and Malaysia are scheduled to sign a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) during their summit talks in Kuala Lumpur next week on the sidelines of the inaugural East Asian Summit, Japanese officials said Friday.
Business chiefs urge METI to bolster Asian FTA efforts
Japan’s business leaders want Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Toshihiro Nikai to promote free-trade agreements between Japan and Asian economies as well as market-opening negotiations under the World Trade Organization.
Canadian and Japanese Business Leaders Meet to Advance Bilateral and Global Trade and Investment Talks
Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE)/Nippon Keidanren Joint Statement
Chilean FM breaks FTA date with Japan
Chilean Foreign Minister Ignacio Walker suspended Tuesday a visit to Japan to discuss a free trade agreement as a result of Peruvian ex-President Alberto Fujimori’s arrival in the country, local media said on Tuesday.
Chile seeks FTAs with 11 Asian countries
After the negotiations on a possible Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China, the Chilean government already started a route to conquer the rest of the market in the Asia-Pacific region. The list has 11 countries.
Prospects seen dim for Japan trade pact
Korea’s top trade official voiced pessimism about the prospects for signing a free trade agreement with Japan and the United States, but was more hopeful about future trade accords with other nations.
Japan to hold joint FTA meetings with Australia, Switzerland
Japan will hold its first joint study meetings separately with Switzerland and Australia next week in Tokyo to explore the possibility of concluding bilateral free trade agreements, the government said Wednesday.
President Chen urges US, Japan to consider FTAs with Taiwan
President Chen Shui-bian on Tuesday urged the United States and Japan to consider signing free trade agreements with Taiwan, saying that only by having such agreements in place can the island’s economy stand without heavily depending on China and can security and peace in the Asia-Pacific region be maintained.
Japan, Chile to begin free trade talks: report
Japan and Chile are likely to begin formal negotiations next year on an economic partnership centring on a free trade agreement (FTA), a newspaper said.
Mitsubishi eyes Asia for expansion
Japan’s Mitsubishi Motor has set its sights on Thailand and other Asian nations for future expansion, the president of the automaker said on Tuesday. "With FTAs (free trade agreements) envisioned with Asian countries, such as ASEAN and India, we should reap benefits of such initiatives," Masuko said.
Japanese investment in Indonesia to double
The Indonesian government expects Japan’s investment and the value of export by Japanese companies in Indonesia to double in the coming five years, as the first-round negotiation between the Indonesian and Japanese governments on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) has run smoothly.
BOK head calls for FTAs in N-E Asia
The nation’s top central banker Monday stressed the need for speeding up the formation of free trade agreements (FTAs) among Korea, China and Japan, to boost regional cooperation and mutual investment.
Japan, China, S. Korea aim to conclude investment talks in Nov.
Japan, China and South Korea agreed Friday they will aim to conclude in late November talks to explore a trilateral legal framework for investment, as they failed to do so during the latest meeting in Tokyo, Japanese officials said.
Philippines hopes to seal free trade deal with Japan in November
The Philippines hopes to secure a deal with Japan by next month on the proposed free trade agreement.
Japan and Indonesia resume FTA talks
Japan and Indonesia resumed free trade agreement (FTA) talks in Tokyo Tuesday and hope to conclude an agreement within two years, government officials said.
Thai FTA hits rules of origin roadblock
The much-publicised Thai FTA seems to be stuck in first gear. According to sources in the auto industry, it is stuck over the rules of origin issue, which has been a contentious issue right from the beginning.
RP pushes for car-tariff clause in Japan talks
The Philippines will push for a provision in a planned free-trade deal with Japan that would allow renegotiation on motor vehicle tariffs by 2009.