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Kenya exports to EU at risk over delayed pact
If the Economic Partnership Agreement is not signed by October 2014, the Generalised System of Preference rule will apply to Kenya, which will entail a tariff hike for most Kenyan exports to the EU.
Kenya bracing for Comesa sugar imports
Kenya’s sugar sector is in limbo as the COMESA safeguard period nears its end. COMESA is the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa.
Kenya mulls a breakaway: As EU trade beckons, East African Community urges restraint
Tentative plans to sign an Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union could bolster some of Kenya’s vital sectors, but could also distance Kenya from its neighbors in the East African Community, or EAC.
EU wants Kenya to lead
European Commissioner for Trade, Karel de Gucht, was last week in Nairobi to drum up momentum for Kenya to quickly lead in signing the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Rethink new trade pact with Europe, MPs urge
Members of the National Assembly last week opposed a push to have Kenya sign a trade treaty with Europe until outstanding issues had been resolved.
State clears the air on EPA controversy
Kenya has moved to allay fears over reports in international media that it is among seven African countries blacklisted by the European Union for failing to sign Economic Partnership Agreements.
South Africa and EU deal a blow for Kenya
An existing trade pact between South Africa and the European Union is presenting a fresh hurdle in negotiations for economic partnership with Kenya.
Firm makes history after suing Mauritius in Comesa Court of Justice
Kenyan firms — regardless of their size — can now sue the government in the Common Market for Southern Africa (Comesa) Court of Justice, the highest in the intergovernmental organisation, if its actions break rules of the trading bloc.
EAC calls for fair trade deals with Europe
East Africa Community says any agreement reached should not upset the common market protocol and customs union in the region.
Exporters at risk over delays in EPAs deal
Kenya could lose heavily if Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) are not signed, Musa Sirma, East African Community (EAC) minister said.
EU closer to rescinding deal, could tax Kenyan flowers
The European Union Parliament has tasked a British MP to prepare a report that will determine whether Kenyan flowers exports will be subjected to duty in the EU markets, or continue operating in the quota-free market regime.
Kenya’s dilemma at EU trade talks
Revelations that Kenyan flowers will be subjected to 16 per cent duty should Kenya fail to ratify Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) by June raises concern about their role in boosting trade on the continent.
Let spirit of give and take prevail in EPAs deadline
After breaking several self-imposed deadlines for concluding a binding trade pact with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, the European Commission is turning to legal means to end what is fast becoming a circus.
Flower sector in jeopardy as EU mulls over EPA deadline
Kenya’s flower exports to the European Union will be subjected to a 16 per cent duty should a proposal to impose a deadline on the Economic Partnership Agreements negotiations sail through the European Parliament this year.
Kenya: Region Rallies Behind Nation Over EPAs
The search for a binding pact to safeguard the multi-billion-shilling export trade with Europe has taken a new twist with East African partners resolving to push for new classification of Kenya.
Kenya exports to EU face taxation in trade agreement stalemate
Europe has issued a fresh warning of possible revenue losses for Kenya should the East African Community fail to reach a trade deal soon.
Kenya joins drive to block new EU policy on ARVs
Kenyan activists have written to the European Union and the Kenya Government, protesting what they term damaging trade agreements such as the European Union-India Free Trade Agreement and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. They say the pacts would damage the fight against Aids.
EPAs bound to stir unhealthy competition
Kenya Human Rights Commission has called on the government to discontinue Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) negotiations with the European Union arguing that if signed would deepen dependency on Europe.
EU trade talks may deal blow to Aids fight
Fears have been raised that cheap life-saving anti-retroviral drugs may no longer be available in Kenya if a trade agreement between the EU and India is concluded.
State to pursue elusive EPAs deal as KHRC goes to court
Kenya must pursue negotiations on the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the European Union to their favourable conclusion because there is no better alternative.