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Latin America

Negroponte fears that Chávez would win if FTA fails at US Congress
US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte warned Tuesday that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez would win and Latin American democracies would lose if the US Congress does not pass the Free Trade Agreements with Peru, Panama and "especially with Colombia."
Canada can help counter Chavez’s mischief
As Prime Minister Stephen Harper departs upon his first official visit to Latin America this weekend, he will likely make a better impression than did Pierre Trudeau on his own visit to South America.
The unanimous opinion
We are witnessing, on the hemispheric and Latin American scene, a growing insurgency regarding the predominance of neoliberalism.
Cuba hosts anti-FTA meeting
The sixth Hemispheric Meeting to Fight Free Trade Agreements and for integration of the peoples began sessions at Havana Convention Center on Thursday.
US trade winds no longer prevail
Lately, the US government’s ability to use free trade agreements and trade preference bills as instruments of foreign and economic policy is dwindling.
Indigenous peoples’ summit: defending their right to the land
The fight for land and territory and opposition to neoliberalism and free trade treaties (FTAs) with the United States are the main issues at the Indigenous People’s Summit currently meeting in Iximché, Guatemala.
Cuba calls regional FTA meeting
The Continental Social Alliance and its Cuban Chapter convened on Tuesday the 6th Hemispheric Meeting of struggle against Free Trade Accords (FTA) and for people s integration in this capital.
A foothold for free trade?
Trade integration in the Americas is quickly approaching a major milestone. If agreements with Colombia, Peru and Panama are ratified in the coming year, more than half of Latin America will have free trade accords with the United States.
A critique of the EU-Latin America Business Summit in Vienna
Parallel to the 4th EU-Latin America/Caribbean Summit in Vienna this week, large corporations from both regions will gather at a Business Summit. Apart from discussing business opportunities in different sectors, the 300 business representatives attending the event are expected to demand that governments speed up a whole range of free trade talks between the two regions.
Overview of bilateral free trade and investment agreements
A general overview of free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties that have been signed or are being negotiated all over the world. Organised by region, it provides a snapshot of the many processes currently under way, some of the controversies they raise and opposition movements against these agreements.
Nations rush to make trade pacts
Within days of taking office, Peruvian President Alan García named economist Hernando de Soto — a man he calls ’’the most prestigious Peruvian’’ — as his chief lobbyist to push a free trade agreement through the U.S. Congress.
New context helps economic drivers face threats
Shifting world dynamics mean that a proposed overhaul of the US tariff preference system threatening to exclude Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela — the three main countries currently driving trade within Latin America — needs to be examined in a global context.
Divided Latin America arrives in Vienna summit
A deeply divided Latin America, in the midst of several growing conflicts, meets with the European Union 25 leaders in the framework of the two regions’ fourth summit.
TCP: For a just trade between peoples
The Trade Treaty of the Peoples (TCP in Spanish) - proposed by President Evo Morales - is a response to the failure of the neo-liberal model, based as it is on deregulation, privatisation and the indiscriminate opening of markets.
Chavez says South America should unite, reject US trade pacts
South American nations will have to choose whether they want continental unity or individual trade agreements with the United States — but not both, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Wednesday.
US free trade deals leave a bitter taste with Latin Americans
"Nobody who sat across the negotiating table from the United States came out of the talks feeling they got a fair deal," said Peter Hakim, president of the nonpartisan Inter-American Dialogue think tank in Washington. "And many feel they’ve been outright cheated."
Shifting centres of gravity in Latin America
COPA the Panamanian airline is now flying the Brazilian company Embraer’s E-190 commercial airliners on routes previously dominated by Boeing 737s. This detail highlights broader shifts in the economic balance of power in Latin America away from United States corporations.
EU-Latin trade up
The European Union posted strong trade growth with Latin America last year, led by Venezuela and Mexico. But future EU relations with the region will depend on expanding free trade agreements.
EU-Latin America: Doubts arise over May summit
The European Commission’s objective is to ’’establish an enhanced partnership through a network of association agreements (including free trade agreements) involving all the countries of the [Latin America and Caribbean] region and liable to contribute to the integration of the region as a whole.’’
Korea wants FTA with Latin America
South Korea hopes to establish free trade agreements (FTAs) with other Latin American and Caribbean countries following one with Chile, Vice Finance and Economy Minister Kwon Tae-shin said Sunday.