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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

US lawmakers launch push to repeal NAFTA
A group of US lawmakers unveiled legislation on Thursday to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement in the latest sign of congressional disillusionment with free-trade deals.
US think tank admits NAFTA failed Mexico
The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, an influential Washington DC-based think tank, released “Rethinking Trade Policy for Development: Lessons From Mexico Under NAFTA,” challenging what the report notes is a widespread assumption in the US “that Mexico was the undeniable winner from NAFTA.”
Resist trailer now online
Having received hundreds of stories of resistance from all over the world, we’ve spent the last few months focusing on the Wall that is being built along the USA’s entire border with Mexico.
Documentary on free trade protests
While researching for a film on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) – a tri-lateral initiative between Mexico, the United States, and Canada – B.C. filmmaker Paul Manly was convinced by people to head to Montebello, Que., for a 2007 summit attended by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, US President George W Bush, and Mexican President Felipe Calderón.
Lawsuit Would Further Expose Secretive SPP Agenda
The SPP, along with NAFTA have already laid much of the groundwork for a North American Union.
Mexico revs up war on workers; Obama shrugs
Last Saturday night, October 10, several thousand Mexican government agents and police stormed into the headquarters and a hundred substations of the publicly owned electric utility, Luz Y Fuerza.
Claim by Cargill leads to another loss for Mexico
Mexico has suffered another loss in a series of investor-state arbitral disputes involving its sugar industry.
The SPP is dead. Let’s keep it that way
With virtually no fanfare or media analysis, one of the most transformative agreements ever signed by Canada and the US (and Mexico) is officially dead. Its official US government website declared last month: "The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) is no longer an active initiative. There will not be any updates to this site."
The great swine cover-up
Mexico has been considered the laboratory of globalization since it initiated the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994. In April of 2009 a deadly virus germinated in that laboratory, finding ideal conditions to move quickly into a global pandemic.
A pressing case for NAFTA review and renegotiation
North American leaders may wish to distance themselves from the obvious failure of NAFTA to better the lives of their citizens, but Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. citizens continue to press for a comprehensive review and renegotiation. This article explains why that task is more urgent than ever in today’s global crisis.
Corn Products awarded damages in NAFTA dispute
US-based Corn Products International has been awarded damages of over $58m in a dispute with Mexico over violations of the North America Free Trade Agreement.
NAFTA is our real problem
What do immigration, border security, swine flu and environmental concerns have in common? If you answer that they all somehow relate to NAFTA, you would be so right.
Leaders deflect criticism of SPP at Mexico Summit
The fifth annual North American leaders’ summit has just wrapped up in Guadalajara and it’s hard to tell what, if anything, was accomplished.
Anti-NAFTA protest "greets" North American leaders in Guadalajara
At least 300 people on Sunday demonstrated against the Fifth North American Leaders’ Summit, being held in Guadalajara, capital of western Mexico state Jalisco.
Open letter calls for renegotiating NAFTA and an end to SPP ahead of summit
Common Frontiers, a network of church, labour, environmental, and civil society groups, and the Réseau québcois sur l’Intégration continentale have sent the following open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper ahead of his summit next week with U.S president Barack Obama and Mexican president Felipe Calderón in Guadalajara, Mexico:
Many US House Democrats want trade policy revamp
Political pressure grew on President Barack Obama to reconsider pending trade deals with Panama, Colombia and South Korea as over 100 lawmakers called on Wednesday for a massive revamp of US trade policy.
Goldcorp loses bid for $50 mln NAFTA compensation
A unit of Goldcorp has lost a bid to get $50 million in compensation after a US trade tribunal rejected claims the gold miner’s operations were hampered by environmental regulations
Mexican truckers sue U.S. for $6 billion
Mexican truckers are seeking $6 billion in compensation from the US, alleging that its northern neighbor isn’t complying with a cross-border trucking plan under the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Megaprojects and militarization: A perfect storm in Mexico
As Mexican security budgets inflate with US aid-to combat the rising power of drug trafficking and organized crime-rights groups say these funds are increasingly being used to protect the interests of multinational corporations.
A profitable epidemic
The new swine flu epidemic that threatens to spread to more regions of the world is nothing new. It is part of an overall crisis, and it stems from industrial animal farming, which is dominated by transnational companies.