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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Majority oppose Chapter 11 of NAFTA
A recent binational poll commissioned by the Council of Canadians, found that the majority of Americans and Canadians oppose provisions found in Chapter 11 of NAFTA.
Deeper North American Integration Still in the Cards
There are fears that under an Obama presidency many on the left will go to sleep, now that Bush is out of office. This includes in Canada, where the left have been instrumental in exposing the SPP and fighting deeper integration into a North American Union.
Farmers Call For NAFTA Reforms
NAFTA has produced winners, mostly multinational corporations and a long list of losers, which includes farmers. The trade agreement has been the source of much discontent and has become an easy target.
Unions back bill trying to stop Mexican trucks in US
Union officials were confident Tuesday that new legislation in Congress would halt Mexican trucks from making long-haul trips into the United States ending a pilot program backed by the Bush administration as part of NAFTA
Livestock producers from Mexico, Canada and United States seek new trade policy and market reforms
Representatives of consumer groups and livestock producer organizations from Canada, Mexico, and the United States today called on leaders to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and address concentration in livestock markets.s.
US trade policies limit 52 governments’ use of capital controls to fight financial crisis
As the global economy descends further into crisis, a new report finds that U.S. trade and investment agreements with 52 countries have removed one tool that has proved effective in past crises: capital controls.
The end of free trade?
The US will find it harder and harder to maintain neoliberalism abroad and some sort of financial state capitalism at home. As unemployment grows, it will also become more difficult to use access to the US market as leverage to incorporate client states abroad into the fold of US imperialism. We are at a major turning point. Like most of neoliberal ideology, free trade has lost its allure. However, what will replace it isn’t entirely clear. There are many possibilities, and they all depend on the level of class struggle. In the US, the most crucial question is whether workers get pulled into a nationalist, protectionist "Buy American" campaign—or whether they take an internationalist approach in concert with workers in other countries
Small Mexican towns hurt as global economy goes south
Amid the worldwide economic slump, many in Los Rodriguez and communities like it across Mexico that have heavily invested in trade with the United States are starting to feel - and fear - globalization’s sting.
Econo-protests paralyze Mexico City, Juárez-El Paso bridge
Thousands of campesinos from across Mexico blocked central avenues of the capital Jan. 30, many having traveled for days for the protest directed at President Felipe Calderón. Protesters decried that Calderón has instated a freeze on petrol prices, but not diesel-on which tractors and other farm equipment run. They also rejected Calderón’s free trade policies, which they say hurts the farm sector.
’Buy American’ stimulus plan riles trade partners
A new "Buy American" push in President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus plan is sparking protests about protectionism from US trading partners.
Ottawa involved in AbitibiBowater dispute, Day says
The federal government has confirmed it is now playing a part to help resolve a dispute between AbitibiBowater and the Newfoundland and Labrador government.
Obama and NAFTA
Will he or won’t he? In the shadow of the economic crisis, a war of words rages over whether President-elect Barack Obama will hold to his campaign promise of opening up the North American Free Trade Agreement for renegotiation.
Mexico’s fiscal prudence fails to avert a slowdown
The North American Free Trade Agreement, which so tightly bound Mexico and the United States and turns 15 on Thursday, is helping drag Mexico down with the United States
Mexico’s Calderon warns Obama against renegotiating trade deal
Mexican President Felipe Calderon warned Barack Obama against trying to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, saying restricting commerce would only encourage illegal Mexican emigration to the US.
Anti-NAFTA groups prepare wish list for Obama
Not everybody in Canada is terrified by the prospect of U.S president-elect Barack Obama reopening the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Obama not likely to renegotiate NAFTA, ex-diplomat says
President-elect Barack Obama will likely find a way to back off his election campaign promise to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, a former Canadian ambassador to both the U.S. and France said here Thursday.
NAFTA challenge won’t stop Ont. from going ahead with pesticide ban: minister
Ontario won’t back down from its plan to prohibit the cosmetic use and sale of weed killer 2,4-D despite a NAFTA challenge to Quebec’s pesticide ban, Ontario’s environment minister said Tuesday.
NAM president calls for study of a transatlantic free trade area
The US-based National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President John Engler today called for in-depth study of a "Transatlantic Free Trade Area" between either the European Union and the United States or the EU and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) nations.
Quebec herbicide ban violates NAFTA, pesticide maker alleges
Dow AgroSciences, maker of the commonly used herbicide ingredient 2,4-D, is challenging the Quebec government under the North American Free Trade Agreement for banning its product.
Canada and Europe ponder trade pact
Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper, and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, who is the president of the European Union as well, are expected to sign an agreement for preliminary negotiations meant to create a trade pact between Canada and Europe that would be even more sweeping than the North American Free Trade Agreement.